45 and Have Been Researching About the BBL for About a Year. I Met with Dr. Frank's and His Team They Are AMAZING - Belmond, IA

I will update this after my procedure on the 18 th...

I will update this after my procedure on the 18 th of this month. I'm very excited to get this done and I know I'am in very good hands. They are taking every measure to make sure there procedure turns out great. I know Dr.franks will be doing lipo on my sides back and under the bra fat from the back, and since I will be an over night patient he will be taking the most fat from my body after cleaning and re I injecting into my butt .I know maybe he will use at least 1200 to each side,, since I have to butt???? I will need as much fat as possible...I will update after and share photo's.. Wish me luck?????

Here are some after pics

It's been 8 days since my BBL. Had my Appt yesterday with Dr Franks, they measured me for my corset,,,I just love him and his team.. I'm still weak from surgery and they are taken the best care of me
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