Instant Tattoo Regret, Never Thought This Would Be Me.

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Hey everyone, I have been following this site for...

Hey everyone, I have been following this site for almost a year now which is how long I have been living with tattoo regret. I am 31 and never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be dealing with something like this, something so preventable. Last May while out of town visiting family in Arizona I decided to get a cactus tattoo.
I have just one other tattoo that's on my ankle and I have always liked it, thought carefully before I got it and had a positive experience and memory surrounding it but this one I don't, it was spontaneous and so out of character for me.
I had been wanting a cactus tattoo to represent family and my memories of AZ, growing up there and getting married there just two months prior. I don't regret getting a cactus tattoo, I regret not carefully thinking of size, placement, color, shape, etc. this was totally out of character for me but I was really excited because I have always loved tattoos and admired them on others. The tattoo is cute and nicely done, I at least researched artists and found one who used they style I was going for. The placement being on my forearm and so colorful just doesn't feel like me at all though, it's not huge but twice as big as I had been thinking. It didn't seem that big when I had the stencil on.
Immediately upon returning home I started looking into my options for removal and found that it would take several treatments due to the green. One clinic not in my city offers picosure but it seems so new that I am unsure of how effective it is without leaving a scar. There is a well known clinic by my house that uses older equipment which may take a little longer but they have outstanding reviews and before and after photos with no scarring left. I would begin treatment but I am expecting my first child! so happy but also depressed that I don't feel like myself and can't do anything to remove it until after my son is born and I'm through with breast feeding. I keep trying to look on the bright side and that it's more effective to have the tattoo removed after it's had a year anyways, so I have been told. Thanks for reading and excuse any typos, I am writing from my cell phone.
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