Lasik - Wavelength Procedure - Bellevue, WA

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I couldn't see very well. I was -3 in my left...

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I couldn't see very well. I was -3 in my left eye, and -3.5 in my right. Without contacts in, or glasses on I couldn't see the alarm clock 2 feet away from me without squinting.

I had the wavelength procedure done in summer of 2004. The surgery itself was less than 30 seconds on each eye. Despite the smell like singed hair in the air, there wasn't really any discomfort. After the surgery my eyes were SUPER sensitive to light (nice summer day in Seattle), were very watery, and even stung/burned a little. Eyesight was very blurry also.

After a nap in a dark room for a couple hours, and taking my doctors orders (lubricating drops, no rubbing, etc.) everything was great! I noticed a huge difference within 24 hours, and each day was better, and better. The blurry vision subsided, and "halo's" while driving eventually stopped too.

I would absolutely encourage anyone that is a candidate for Lasik to do it! It changed the way I live for the better! :)

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