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About a year ago, I had a fat transfer from my...

About a year ago, I had a fat transfer from my inner thighs to my whole face. I have been feeling down ever since, the surgeon did not go with our plan (where fat was suppose to be taken out). There was too much fat put in my cheeks and so, too much fat was taken out from my thighs (I had nice solid thighs before). I have looked so much better before the surgery, face and thighs wise. I am looking to get lipo on my cheek area and also get fat taken out elsewhere to put back in my thighs. I am nervous but very excited that I am able to do something it.

I have consulted with Dr Young for the first time last week. I am very glad I spoke with him. He seems knowledgeable and experienced in what I am wanting to do. His staff was friendly too, like the previous reviews mentioned.

During our consult, he took his time to talk to me and answered all of my questions. When I mentioned about missing the fat that was taken out from my inner thighs, he offered a revision. So I am going back to talk to Dr Young on Tuesday and hopefully get the answers I want to book that procedure also.

So far so good. I hope I can get back to where I was before (well, closer to it). I am looking forward to it and staying hopeful.
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Younger and brighter eyes. I had a fat transfer to my eyelids about a year ago and I am very satisfied with my results. Bruising and swelling was minimal. Bruising was gone in 2-3 days and swelling went away in a week. The procedure made me look brighter, younger and more inviting. I had a more "pleasant" look. I am happy with my decision.

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