Active, 20's, Cannot Get Rid of Tummy!!! - Bellevue, WA

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Well, it's the night before my coolsculpting...

Well, it's the night before my coolsculpting procedure. For years, I have tried to do everything to get rid of my tummy. No matter how much road biking, rock climbing, 30 day shred workouts, or heavy lifting I do... nothing has worked! For me, coolsculpting is a great opportunity since there is no downtime and I am work full time.

As for my procedure:
I will be targeting my flanks, my upper abs, and my lower abs (which is divided into two sections). All in all I will be having 5 areas treated tomorrow.

I will keep you all up to date on my progress throughout the next few months.

Before Photos

Just posting a photo update. Took them this morning before I went into my Coolsculpting appt.

Passed the one week mark

Here's just a little update on my experience so far:

Day of procedure: I had two applicators applied to my lower abs, two to my love handles, and one to my upper abs. Each took 35 mins. In terms of pain... It didn't hurt for me. It was definitely an odd sensation but not bad. The massage was what I was expecting. A little painful and I would rate it as maybe a 6/10 for pain.

The next day I woke up numb with lots of swelling. Nothing hurt and I was actually able to ride my bike easily.

Days 3-8 were pretty much the same. I actually was able to exercise a lot more than I expected. I went on a couple runs, the elliptical, to the climbing gym, and rode my bike everywhere. Not what I was expecting to do. For me I didn't experience any painful late onset pain. I had a couple prickles here and there but they only lasted ten seconds or so.

My biggest concern right now is that the procedure didn't work since I didn't experience any major side effects and could exercise with ease. So I'll just have to wait and see if anything happens in the next couple months.
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