Consultation Review: My Journey to a New Me - Lawrenceville, GA

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Its official I paid my down payment and scheduled...

Its official I paid my down payment and scheduled my surgery date for December!! I plan on making this like my personal journal to help others. I have read others reviews and a lot of you dolls have been very helpful for me. Now I hope that my experience will find you and help you with your journey as well.

So my consultation went great! His staff made me feel comfortable. Dr. Janho was so professional and knowledgeable. Before I could tell him what I was there for he told me! Lol! Im so excited and nervous at the same time. I keep telling myself this a journey not an event.

Tummy tuck, lipo, fat transfer

Im 4'11", 160 lbs, 27 years old with one child. My lowest weight after pregnancy was 140 my highest weight after pregnancy was 190. Yes honey my highest weight I was going through some things.

The procedure I'm getting done is tummy tuck, lipo of stomach, back, arms and fat transfer to my butt. During the consultation Dr. Janho asked me if I wanted to put the fat in my butt and I said of course but I'm worried about the price. His response was its included in the price that I couldn't do this procedure without moving fat to my butt. Lol. He said it was all about symmetry.

I am supposed to get a breast lift as well but he said it would have to be done a separate time. And I totally agree. This is my first surgery and I don't want my ENTIRE body to be in pain.

I added a photo to show my full body shot. I know you can't tell in the bottom picture but I was making a picture collage and just threw it in there. I will most likely post my pre-op pictures near my surgery date, unless someone would really find them useful. I posted the top pic as a silhouette before. And trust me with my clothes of I don't look so small. Everything is just everywhere! Lol.

Why did I choose Dr. Janho?

So I do a lot of research myself, especially since I am a pre law student. I love to research! So I stumbled on a website that I wanted to share with everybody that pretty much sums up why I ultimately chose him as my cosmetic surgeon.


His resume was sooooo impressive compared to MANY plastic surgeons. I have seen some board certified plastic surgeons do some pretty horrific work, so being just board certified did not have my attention. Dr. Janho has had experience and training from a variety of places. He was first a trauma/ emergency physician which is where my trust for him began. He has continuous education and training!! I compared his resume to other plastic surgeons and none impressed me. Actually most plastic surgeons that I researched had no other outside or continuing education. And Im a big person on education and always willing to learn, as I have been in school forever! But im almost done!! And will continue to further my education throughout the rest of my life. Anyways this isn't about me....

Sooo back to Dr. Janho he impressed me with his training in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was even trained by Ivo Pitanguy! He earned his cosmetic surgery an aesthetic medicine degree and board certification from the International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (U.I.M.E. France) and Brazilian Chapter of Cosmetic Surgery. So comparing this to the doctors I was considering was a deal breaker.

Then I came on this site and saw quite a few of bad reviews of the doctors I was considering. I got a good perspective of those doctors demeanors and it was pretty bad: some cocky, all about the money, no doctor-patient relationship and some were very cold hearted. My prayers go out to those individuals that went through those bad experiences. I am very thankful for those honest reviews and for helping the decision process much easier. Dr. Janho is such a kind man. He's not cocky but confident. He made me feel comfortable and not awkward, like I imagined.

Another thing I ended up having to research was general anesthesia v. local anesthesia because most ps use general anesthesia and Dr. Janho uses local anesthesia which is a much safer alternative to general anesthesia because it does not put the body under stress in the same way. Most importantly, fewer drugs are needed so recovery from the procedure is faster. Following a surgical procedure where local anesthesia is used, a patient can walk easily out of the office and does not have the nausea common with general anesthesia. Under local anesthesia, a surgical procedure becomes much less invasive and the risks to the body diminish significantly. So all of that outweighed the bad, that you will find when you research general anesthesia v local anesthesia. Basically the GOOD OUTWEIGH THE BAD in this situation, for me at least.

To sum it up this is why I chose Dr. Janho. Besides all of his training and other factors I ultimately went with my gut feeling. Only time will tell whether I made the right decision.

Starting to get second thoughts...

Not on getting the surgery, Im definitely going through with that, but who will be doing my surgery. First off im starting to think the price is ridiculous. 13,500 for tt, lipo and fat transfer. Then I need to come back and pay 7500 for breast lift.... Thats 20,000! Ive noticed women on here pay less than 15000 on a mommy makeover. I mean I have the means to pay that but really? 20,000 and your not an american board certified plastic surgeon?? Hmmmm.... Is your price really worth it??

Next I got fixated on looking at his before and after pictures of tummy tucks. I recently noticed that the scars are all similar. Their sooooo close to the belly button. Some look like they were chopped in half right in the middle of their abdomen. Then I came across what a real good job tt and scar looks like. Perfection!! Thats what I want!! And Im starting to think I wont be able to achieve that with Dr. Janho....

This is so hard! I want to make the right decision!!! Im not trying to pay a whole bunch of money for a botched job.

No! Don't go!

Where to start..... Well had my consultation with a very professional doctor/facility. The doctor was also a certified PS. And I experienced the difference and professionalism. Found out that it was not a good idea to be under local anesthesia for 6 hours!! Thats right, 6 hours! I was worried about that. Also I knew that my down payment was non-refundable but after talking about my experience with a staff that is certified and trained found out that was unacceptable. I was told it sounded like they were running a not so legitimate business, a sketchy business. Also the price that I was quoted was WAYYYY TOO HIGH, especially for someone that isn't even trained properly. Also I started having second thoughts when I was looking at the tummy tuck scars.... HORRID! Above are the scars he left on 2 individuals. The second picture is a comparison. I don't think I need to identify which is which...

Just being honest

Im not trying to be rude or discredit Dr. Janho or Bellaforma in any way. Im just speaking my mind and writing about my experience. I would never get a tummy tuck procedure by him but That doesn't mean I wouldn't go for other services. The staff is great and friendly. I would probably do procedures that are less invasive. If I would have been able to use my down payment for other services I definitely would have gone back. And made referrals and continued to go back. But I just can't, they can keep the extra 140 i paid towards the surgery I never had.

Awareness to all you beautiful women

Please be careful which doctor you choose. Im just trying to bring awareness to those looking for a doctor. I found some CRAZY info and needed to share this even though it has nothing to do with me. Hopefully I can save a life.... Yes some of these women getting surgery done by these doctors look unbelievable, but do you really want to play Russian roulette with your life? Most have dodged the bullet but others have not been so lucky and those are the stories we don't hear.

If you're deciding on Ompulepu, McAdoo, Labrador or Chavez or even Vanity (or whatever other name they go by) for that matter please do your research.

This Facebook account has photos of legal documents and botched work:

Here's the article that scared me:

Florida is a cesspool for any doctor to perform plastic surgery without certification . Please educate yourself on your surgeon. I almost bite the bullet and went to some doctor that wasn't even a board certified plastic surgeon. What was I thinking??
Lawrenceville Physician

Ive only met and talked with Dr. Janho for maybe 15-20 minutes for the consultation, so far. First impression, he's very professional and gets right to the point. Dr. Janho and his staff made me feel very comfortable and they seem very happy to be there. Dr. Janho carries himself with much confidence and seems to be very proud of his work. Without telling him what I wanted he just knew. From looking at his work he seems to have an eye for the perfect shape for every size.

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