31 Year Old Mother Two Kids Nursed Both! 550cc Under the Muscle

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I had my consult earlier this month and I loved Dr...

I had my consult earlier this month and I loved Dr. C still a little skeptical about him referring to this as a "weekend surgery".. Lol but we shall see I originally scheduled my surgery for June but eneded up moving it to March! I would love for them to be nice and settled by summer. I'm kind of nervous about the size I picked but it sounds like they normal. When I tried on the sizes I orinally said I wanted a full C but after trying them on and realizing I wanted some size and fullness I picked 550cc's which just sounds huge to me but when I tried them it didn't look so bad. My stats are:
141 pounds
Currently a 32 small B
My main thing I want is for them to look as natural as possible. He told me he would go under the muscle bc I had no breast tissue in the top. I was concerned I may need a lift but he said I didn't so the bigger the more fuller the breast will look. Still have some time to figure out what size but I'm so anxious I think I look on here like every day! Lol I'm confused on if I want moderate or high profile I just don't want them to sit up sore high.

Happy Black Friday!

3 months out from surgery and I'm so anxious yet nervous at the same time! I bought bathing suits a while ago for a trip my husband I are taking in December and I'm worried my new boobs won't fit them and I'll have to give them away.. Am I going to big? Should I go from 550cc to 500 even my husband is getting worried they will be to big. So stressful bc I don't want to regret going to big or to small. What bra size will I be once they are dropped. HELP!!!!

Moved my date up!

Sooooo I have very exciting news today I decided to move my date to December 28th!!!!! I can't believe my husband agreed to it! It was no easy task convinced him that I wanted to do it sooner but he finally gave in! I'm super amped because I'm going on vacation in a couple weeks and then I'm coming back and spending Christmas with my family then getting boobs!!!! So crazy! So now that the time is getting closer I will be posting before pics! I've been very nervous to do it but I'm going to just do it.

19 days out!

Tomorrow I have my pre op apt and I'm going to try on sizers again. I'll post pics because last time I didn't take any. Last night I started packing for my trip and was trying in swim suits wishing I had my boobs now here is a pic of a shit that I look so small in.

Pre op today!

Paid my remaining balance today and tried on my size to make sure that I was 100% sure. After Trying on the size it didn't really seem that big at all. The staff at Bella is awesome they really helped me to decide what was best for my body and shape. I'm so excited but a little nervous. I have been on fat burners and detox pills and they want me to stop those which sucks bc I hope I don't gain before my trip next week. My husband seems happy. I had a weird feeling when we left that I was making a big change to my body and second guessing if I should even do this but I think it's just nerves. So here is my final size 550cc's under the muscle high profile.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

So I'm laying in bed its 12:10 which means I officially can't eat anymore. My surgery is scheduled at 3:30 but I have to be there at 2. Not really sure how to feel I'm super nervous on the outcome is my Main thing. I've been looking at my boobs all night like "are they really that bad?" "Should I do this?" But I'm confident I will be happy with my final decision. As far as my size goes I'm very confident in my size and excited to see how they look!!! I'll post my before pics in the morning I'm just still a little nervous to do it.
Catch ya on the flip side!

The countdown begins! 5 hours to go!

So it's finally they say I can't believe it! Finishing up some last minute things to get ready for today I'm about to go pick up my meds and then go hang out with my family before they leave! Here are my before photos!

The time has come!

My doctor is running ahead of schedule so we are on our war now. I'm hungry and thirsty so all I'm really thinking about is eating lol. Excited though!
Keep me in your prayers

All done

One is so much bigger I hope that changes

Day 2 post op

Last night was pretty rough.. I got home about 7 because we stopped by May parents and got food. Once I was out of my crazy talk from meds I felt better then I thought I would. Oh and surgery went good I don't remember much though lol. When I got home I was shocked at how much I could use my arms but that have been my mistake bc by the time I got home I was in so much pain they started feeling so tight. I was on the verge of tears. I couldn't get comfortable in bed and I didn't get to sleep until like midnight. Anyways woke up this morning about 6am to take my meds I've been setting my alarm. Prob is I can't go back to sleep. Hoping today goes better. Here are some pics not much of a change besides they feel a bit tighter.

Day 3 post

Getting ready to go to my follow up pain is getting a little better still very dependent on my meds. Still not much of a change tight and high.

Day 4 post

I got the ok to switch from my surgical bra to a different bra so I've been wearing a Calvin Klien bra

Happy New Year!

Right seems to dropping a little. Still tight though

Last day of rest!

So I go back to work tomorrow and I'm very nervous! I can't really go without taking my pain meds bc I still have a lot of pain. The meds make me very sleepy so it's going to be a tough day tomorrow not sure if I should just be in pain or be sleepy. I wish I could have at least another week but I can't so I'm hoping it's not to bad. I don't go back to the doctor until Wednesday so I'm curious to see what he will think about my healing. On a happier note my right has dropped a little and so far looks great! The left is being stubborn and still looks the same to me lol. I'm still icing hoping that take some of the swelling down. I'm definitely happy with the size I picked it's perfect glad I didn't go smaller or bigger I don't look big in clothes and they are so sexy without I'm very excited to see what's to come in the future when they are fully healed!!!


Anyone else's boobs itch? Mine are itching so bad. They mainly itch at night and I don't want to get Any bad stretch marks like did when I was pregnant please help! I can't stop scratching!!!!

Having a rough time

So I've been all over the place with my anxiety and depression.. I have no complaints about my boobs however it's been really hard not going to the gym! I was the person that worked out 6 days a week everyday at 4am that was my therapy. So not being able to go the gym has been very hard for me. I'm gaining weight and I started back at work yesterday and it was very hard. I work with kids so my job is physical I haven't had pain just a lot of tightness which is normal it's just hard. I went to my follow up today and he said I'm healing great which was a relief. He took my stitches out and and said to start using cocoa butter or vitamin E which I have both. The itching was the worst was I was so itchy but thankfully I remembered from being pregnant and just stayed lubed up lol. He told me I can start massaging my breast once a day but I was so caught off gaurd and how hard he squeezed them lol. It did help with the tightness a little. I'm now on Motrin so I'm hoping I won't be so sleepy anymore. Anyways I feel bad for complaining just needed to vent.


It's been almost 3 weeks and I'm feeling much better. Still haven't evened out so I'm a little self conscious about that but overall I'm happy. They are getting a little soft still stiff feeling. Just trying to be patient but trying on clothes is fun can't wait until summer:)

4week update

feeling natural
Just checking in... Still need to drop a little but they are getting softer so I'm happy a little round though.


So I decided to try on some old lingerie for fun!!! It was so different!

So sorry it's been so long!

Soft and natural!
I'm so sorry it been a while.. I'm 6 weeks post and I'm pretty happy. I went from always loving the right boob to now thinking its a little smaller. I know there is still a lot of changes but I am very happy in clothes. I'm going shopping for Valentine's Day Friday so I'm excited about that! They are very soft and feel very natural just still adjusting to them when I'm naked. My scars are probably my least favorite about my breast but thankfully my boobs are big enough to cover. Here are some pics and a video I owe you guys since its been so long I apologize.

It's been a while 3 month update

Everything has been ok all healed up. However I'm noticing one breast is larger then the other and I also think they have a slight sag. Maybe it's just me being hard on myself but that's what I see when I look in the mirror the left looks bigger then the right..

6 month update!

It's been a while been so busy with life ups and downs.. However I'm excited the weather is warm and I get to wear clothes and outfits to really see how the girls look! I have a bunch of things I had before my boobs they look totally different now! I haven't really been buying that many bras I just recently got a few. I went to see my PS today and talked to him about feeling my implants in the bottoms of my breast he said it was normal and that its like that because most of my breast tissue was in the top of my breast. Other then that everything looks great I go back for my 1 yr and we will take pics :)

Started massaging again

I stopped massaging but I just recently started again my doctor recommended it so I'll keep doing it.

I love summer!

Been loving the girls so much more this summer I do the pool all the time and I have an addiction to swimsuits:)


First bday with the girls!

Celebrated my birthday this past weekend and it was pretty nice! Of course I wore outfits to show my ladies. I've never felt more comfortable then I have today it was awesome! Here are a couple pics:)

9 month update!

Now that I finally have my implants it's amazing how fast time has gone by! I'm still very happy no complaints no pain sleeping on my stomach is a little odd sometimes because I'm not used to having boobs but I can still do it. I am however just a little self conscious when I hug people. I know that may sound crazy but my best friend always says that when she hugs people with implants they feel like rocks. I can feel them move when I hug someone but I've always wondered if they could feel them. Anyone else ever wondered the same? It may just be me lol. Anyways. I have noticed more dropping I'm still doing my massages when I think about it lol mostly when I get out of the shower. They don't seem as far apart to me anymore which makes me happy I loved when I first got them and they were so close but I feel they are going back to that. I'm still very happy and my confidence is so much better now. We have a trip booked for the Bahamas and I can't wait to have my first vacation with them:)

Loving them more and more each day!

As time goes on I've noticed I actually am starting to like my boobs more! They seem to be getting closer. For a while I thought they the space in between was a little wide but I'm very happy. Best decision I've made:)

Just an update!

So I'm coming up on a year. I'm still very happy I feel like they are even and full I can dress them up or down. My only question is I had my nipples pierced before I got my boobs done and I kind of wanted to get them redone... thoughts?

Forgot to post pics

1 Year!!!

I'm a little behind posting my 1 year. Been so busy over the holidays. I'm still very happy I've actually noticed them getting closer since I've been working out. I used to not want to work my chest but now I actually notice it helps them stay together and perky! I thought I scheduled my 1 year check up with my doctor but I think I forgot so I will be doing that very soon! Best decision I've made no complaints wouldn't change a thing. Only thing is I hate wearing bras so that's my only problem right now lol!

Morning boobs!

I just love since I've been working chest in the gym how close they have gotten! :)

Yearly appointment update!

I finally went to my PS today for my yearly he said everything looked great! Told me to continue massaging at least once a day. He also said to still use cocoa butter or vitamin E on my scars but said they looked great! Also I got to take my after pics. They emailed them to me and boy was it hard to look at my before pics! Just makes me even more happy with making the decision to get them done!
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