Generic Latisse (Careprost) Really Works for Me - Belgium

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Hi all, I came accross a review for Latisse by...

Hi all, I came accross a review for Latisse by chance and wanted to give it a try. I researched online and bought Careprost from a webshop in the Netherlands and have used it now for a little over two months.

Expect some redness and a bit of sore eyes the first times. Nothing spectacular though. My eyelashes have grown like crazy and they are curling up like you wouldn't believe; The only downside in my case, is that the lashes didn't grow evenly so it takes a lot of time to get them straightened with mascara. They look a bit "messy' with different sizes and growing in slightly different directions.

I'm hoping they will even out and will keep using the product. Very happy with my new and improved lashes.
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