Roaccutane for 6 Months, Still Severe Acne - Beirut, LB

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I am 30 years old, all my blood test are normal....

I am 30 years old, all my blood test are normal. i've been on roaccutane for 6 months, but still my acne is severe. Before starting roaccutane, i had hormonal treatment, but the same no result. I started my treatment with 30 mg for 1 month, than 40 mg for 4 months, and finished with 50 mg. When i started the cure, my dr said than within 4 months i will get a baby skin, but all i got was more acne and scars, it's horrifying. I read that i could proceed for 8 months, my dr is against it. My pharmacist advised me to proceed with it, since all my blood tests are normal, and the only side effect i had was dry lips. I need your opinion.
P.S: I'm 47 kg, and my height is 162 cm, can i procced for extra 2 months on 50 mg, or should i reduce it to 40mg ?
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