Lost 50 Lb, Left with Flabby Butt and Resistant "Problem Areas". Enough! Butt Lift, Lipo Inner and Outer Thighs. Dr Plovier.

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The Motivation: I was a skinny kid, but as soon...

The Motivation:

I was a skinny kid, but as soon as I hit puberty, I got a little chubby. Not obese, but I quickly went up to 78 kg / 172 lb, for 1m73 / 5'8". Like many, I pretty much spent my life on a diet. Well, on lots of diets with yo-yo effect.

But this time, age 38, I lost all the weigh, through careful portion control and very healthy eating, slimming down to 54kg / 117lb, and maintaining the loss. But my upper body looked emaciated, my cheeks were hollow, but the butt area was… a big mess of square-ish hanging jello, with the infamous banana rolls. And it took slimming myself (too) skinny for the saddlebags and thigh-rubbing to go away. The extra 2kg / 5lb I needed to look overall healthier, boom, saddlebags back on, and away with the thigh gap…

I went to see Dr Plovier from BeClinic (to show the final results, one year post-op, of my rhinoplasty), and asked him if maybe some tiny lipo would be possible to get rid of that apparently indestructible wobble on my butt/banana roll… but he said that actually, there wasn't much of anything left to lipo off. It was loose skin, that would not stretch back. The sole solution to get rid of it was a butt lift, in my case with the incision at the fold of the buttock. The sole place a lipo would have an effect, if I really wanted one, would be a tiny one on the inner and outer thigh, but there was no real need for that. Which, again, I greatly appreciated: like for my first op with him, he seemed to care about results, and didn't push for extra procedures at all, quite the contrary.
I decided for the lift, but not the lipo, and booked an appointment.

But coming home, I thought it over and: yes, the lipo was certainly added cost and pain and hassle, but the sole way I managed to keep the "trouble" areas in check was by remaining medically underweight, and looking unhealthy.

I called back and booked the lipo as well.

The Op

I arrived early at the clinic.
As always, the whole staff was lovely, helpful and welcoming.

Dr. Plovier came quite soon to do the pre-op drawings on my thighs and butt – where to lipo, where to do the cut for the lift, with me bending, standing straight, turning around, etc. It took quite some time, which was both making me a bit anxious at was going to happen, and reassuring - Dr. Plovier really seemed very meticulous. My fear was that the lipo on the inner thighs would leave loose skin, and that the bottom part of the banana roll would stick around, being un-lipo-ed, but he reassured me.

But then, the wait started… and on a strictly empty stomach since midnight the day before, it got long quite fast ;)
A bit after the lunch break (I was STARVING), there came my turn. A nurse came to fetch me and I was a bit surprised to go on foot to the op room. I got thoroughly, meticulously disinfected with Betadine, think brown tincture from the breasts down… A worry I had had was about my piercings, as I had been told in advance to take them all out, even if I changed the jewelry to plastic. But in the op room itself, they authorized me in the end to keep everything from the waist up… a half-relief!
Once completely disinfected, I was told to lie down, naked, on the op table, and to stretch my arms; then they taped my wrists to the table, while I was still conscious. The whole thing was both weird and a bit comical. Then the anesthetic was injected and I was out in seconds.

The wake-up was, frankly, not horrible. I had been bandaged up and the compression garment had been put on. Pain levels were quite OK.
After the waking-up hour during which I was still a bit confused, a nurse came in to check up on me again, and she said I could stay in the clinic till the evening if I wanted, but considering my state, I was clear to go home whenever I wanted. I kept the complimentary robe and slippers on instead of attempting to dress back up, and a nurse helped me on a wheelchair to go back to my car.
Sitting down in the car was a remarkable challenge, though. I needed my friend who had accompanied me to pull the seat as far back as possible, lower it to a half reclined position, and help me down veeeery carefully.

For the rest of the evening, I could pretty much just lie down, walk with little steps, and take my painkillers diligently, every 4 hours, which made the pain levels really manageable. I had no problems falling asleep, but did wake up from the pain at 4 when the effects of the meds had worn off.

Day 2

I can walk! Actually I've walked quite a bit, probably more than I should have. I walk slowly, sloooowly, tiny little steps, each of them painful, but it's manageable.

There are things I wish I had researched more thoroughly before, so they wouldn't have come as an unpleasant surprise now.
Like, what the compression garment would imply – just using the bathroom (which happens a million times a day, with all the water I'm supposed to be drinking) is proving quite the challenge, even with the "strategically placed" zipper. Sitting down on the toilet hurts quite a bit, it's hard to avoid staining the garment at all.
Also, it immediately became obvious that, if I didn't want the garment to turn gross very fast, I needed to line the inside of the crotch area with paper towels. The pressure in this area is also quite painful. Talk about glamour!

Right now, I don't think I could manage alone. I needed my friend-caretaker to rearrange the couch so that I could pretty much lounge down, which is how I'm spending the day, with frequent naps. (post anesthesia effect, maybe?)

Waking up again at 4-5 am. Any position I'm trying to sleep on is painful, with lipo-ed sides and lifted butt. The easiest is flat on my belly, but then I'm waking up with back ache.

Day 4-5

I'm now alone, and carrying on with normal life is rather, er, interesting.
I can't bend over obviously, because of the scar; I can't kneel, everything needs to be at waist level or higher. Anything that falls stays on the floor. I now wish I had cleaned the house thoroughly before the op!

I still need my pain meds every 4-5 hours, and still wake up mid-night when they wear out. With the meds, though, the pain levels are quite tolerable.

Day 6 - first post-op visit

First visit to the clinic post-op.
I was supposed to come in two days earlier (day 4 post-op) to change my bandages, but since I had been alone, there was no way I could have driven for an hour, I needed for someone to drive me up there.

Verdict from Dr. Plovier: everything is perfect!

I have to say, it was the first time I removed the compression garment (I hadn't dared to take it out even for a shower before), and I was horrified to see the scar – was it, like, ACROSS MY BUTT MID-HEIGHT??? I had a brief but intense bout of panic.

Turns out… of course all was fine. It's simply that my butt had been sagging my entire adult life. I just had never seen it end so high up!

Sleeping is still an issue. If anything, the pain feels more intense. It feels like my thighs are full of painful marbles.

Day 7

First endermologie session. I was a bit hesitant, considering the extra cost, but BeClinic insisted it would really help.
I know it will ease the swelling, but… OH BOY. OUCH. It feels VERY pleasant in non-lipo-ed parts, but on the bruises… oof.
Getting back into the compression garment was quite the challenge, afterwards.

Day 10

I finally can kneel down! But sitting down on a normal chair is still fairly painful. I was out at friends' and had to leave after a couple of hours, because I couldn't stand the pain of sitting normally any longer.
It' s the first day I attempt driving, and it's decidedly uncomfortable. But at least now I'm autonomous!
I understand why the clinic said butt lift meant two weeks social isolation. You do need them.

Day 14 post-op

Now the pain levels are really manageable. I stopped taking pills and it's the first day I feel quite normal.
I got my stitches removed, the scar re-dressed, all good and fine.

Day 20 post-op

All is well, I can move easily, sitting is still a bit of an issue, but otherwise OK.

I just took off the bandages. The look of my scar is... ugly. And it looks like I have flab under the cut. The outside of my thighs looks perfect, but the inside is… I don't know if they're still pudgy, or if it's lose skin.
I do know it's way too early for it to look like anything, of course, and these are obviously not the final result, but it's still a bit scary to see right now...

Meanwhile, the endermologie lady says my scar is actually looking much better than she was expecting. I can't wait for it to settle!

One month post-op

The scar is looking better!
I've been diligently using scar cream twice a day on it. It's still SO strange to see this little tiny butt with what is still looking like a bit of flab underneath… but I know these are not the final results, by far, and that I'm going to have to gain muscle mass to get a proper, er, "curvature" there, of course.

I'm supposed now to be able to remove the compression garment, but I've seen a number of docs here advising 6 weeks, so even if I'm sick of it, I think I'll go on a big longer. And I will certainly wear it for exercise.
I've been able to walk all afternoon this weekend, without any problem!
Dr. Frank Plovier

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