Beautiful and Sexy Lips!, Fort Worth, TX

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andrealclark22, Fort Worth, TX

Doctor Review

16 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Beautiful and Sexy Lips! - Fort Worth, TX

I've always been told that I am beautiful, however my lips have always been on the thin side(despite the rest of my body). I would look enviously at these beautiful and sexy women with their full, pouty lips EVERYWHERE, wishing mine looked as luscious. Slightly hesitant, I decided to take a leap of faith and do the injectable filler in my lips. OH MY GOODNESS! I was IN LOVE! Dr. Polavarapu did such an amazing job making my lips look so naturally full and pouty. Her technique made all the difference! Thank you Dr. Polavarapu for taking my confidence to the next level and making me SEXY :)