Have Melasma Had Chemical Peel Mad It 20x Worse! Now on Compound Bleach - Beaumont, TX

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I had a chemical peel last year. 1st picture is...

I had a chemical peel last year. 1st picture is before chemical peel. Then in 4 weeks I had beautiful white skin and no melasma! After about a week I noticed it coming back however this time way worse and all of a sudden. In the next to last picture if you will look closely under the make up you can see it under my eyes and above my lip and on chin (very bad)!! sorry could not find a picture before I started usingbleaching cream Doctor said it has to do HRT hormones. I just switched to compounded hormones and started bleaching at the same time, so I dont know if the hormones are helping. I wear sunscreen 100 % on my face daily underneath my make-up. Also, if anyone knows about a foundation that is 50% proof I would love to know brand if it works. Please share helpful solutions, your experiences, what works, what I don't need to do etc.... THANKS

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