Botox for Forehead Frownlines

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I began my first round of Botox for forehead...

I began my first round of Botox for forehead frownlines in Nov 2008'. Six months later I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the Skin. (Lupus pernio on the nose). I had two more Botox visits and then stopped.

I was very happy with Botox treatment, however the AutoImmune disorder has discouraged me from continuing these treatments. I have read that AutoImmune disorders make you less of a candidate for such treatments. I'm interested in knowing if the AutoImmune disorder would rule me out as a candidate at this time ?

it's been over a year and my sarcoidosis has not yet resolved itself and I would like to resume with Botox for frownlines. Does anyone know if it is safe to do so considering Sarcoidosis is an AutoImmune disorder.
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