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Hey my Rs fam! First things first...I really...

Hey my Rs fam! First things first...I really appreciate everyone sharing(good and bad) such a personal experience. This forum has been a very informative and comforting place for me on my journey.
I'll be getting that Dr. Miami magic preformed on me! I'm scheduled for Jan 23, 2017. Going in to get "the works". I didn't want to post a review so soon because Rs is addicting enough but.....Here I am. I'm in my early 40's and married with children. When I post these pics of my body(ugh).....you will already know what the deal is! Lol Be back soon with an update. Will try not to be so stingy with my time (updates). :-) Talk to y'all later.

Had To Turn Down an Earlier Sx Date :(

Before I forget, let me share this...My patient coordinator Miss Monica Ortega, who's been great by the way, called me a week ago to see if I wanted to reschedule my procedure to an earlier date-June 2016 instead of Jan. 2017. I had to turn it down :( because I'm not 100% sure I'm going to have my coin together. It's all good though. I'm patient...for the most part. We'll all be screaming Happy New Year again before we know it and we'll be headed into 2017. My time will have arrived. I'm gonna be snatched and bumped. Oohwee! Lol

Skype Consultation

My Skype consultation was scheduled for Aug. 25th. Instead I decided to go to Miami to have a face to face consultation and make a vacation out of it with my hubby. So I met my lovely coordinator Monica who is again great! I met with the doc. I was more excited than nervous. Been wanting a bigger butt and smaller boobs since elementary. Lol Truth though. I told him I also wanted lipo to my knees, chin and arms but he told me I should come back because I'm already getting so much done. My arms are so big he says I need brachiaplasty. I may consider it if I can get it without such a long scar. I'd rather take my chances on some lightweight lipo though. I don't know; haven't come to any conclusions yet. First things first......This Body!

Doc Says....

So the doc told me I needed to lose 10 pounds. (5'5" 185 lbs.) I need to get to 175 befor surgery. It's weird how I was 180 before I got to Miami but gained 5 pounds in 3 days it seems right before my consult. Lol...ugh! It's all good anyway because my goal is to be between 165 and 170. I'm still coming down and up and down from 207 pounds. I must get my butt back in the gym, eating healthy won't be an issue for me. Time to buckle down and get busy. Even hubby got on me about it this morning. So let's get it! I will fill you in on my progress. Later :-)

Gotta Drop this Weight

Doc told me at 185 that I needed to lose 10 pounds. Working on it. 4lbs lost and counting.... Goal....Lose More Than 10.
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