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I have been wanting a bbl for years now and I am...

I have been wanting a bbl for years now and I am finally getting the opportunity to get it. I am anxious to get it done this year 2015 is there anyone out there that would like to switch dates I'm going to Dr. Salzhauer. I'm not sure how to do this but my boyfriend doesn't want me to wait any longer than I have to.

Pissed with Vanity Cosmetics

I haven't been on here at all. I just wanted to warn any female on here that is going to have surgery at Vanity Cosmetics. I received an email saying that I should be off all medications at least a week however after driving nine hours from Atlanta to Florida spending $700 on a hotel $500 on a suv rental and $150 in gas plus food I was told that I could not have surgery that day because I should have been off of all medications including the diet pills that I have been taking adipex for at least two weeks therefore they could not and would not perform surgery SO SORRY is all I got they said they it would result in My death so I am warning all you ladies please do not take medications two weeks prior please discontinue them because they will not do your surgery I am mortified I had to emotionally prepare myself for this surgery to come all this way to be denied I am not rich or wealthy yet so I didn't have an extra $1600 to give away nor do I have time to waste on a 9 1/2 Hour Drive =19hours total and then I paid a nurse and my fiancé lost a week of work and all they offered me was a free garment. Karma is a bitch Vanity
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My dr is not salzhauer anymore

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