Tight Chest After LD Pedicle Breast Reconstruction; and Misaligned Cleavage

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I am a 5' 8" tall, 168 lb, 60 year old...

I am a 5' 8" tall, 168 lb, 60 year old caucasian woman.

In 2006 I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer in my left breast. I choose to have a tissue sparing bilateral mastecomy.

In 2007 I had dual LD pedicle reconstruction that included silicone implants (D cup - that was my 'original breast size). Since that time I have experienced constant tightness in my chest/breast area and in my armpits; more so in the left side than the right. When I flex my pectoral muscles my chest (breasts) dimple. It's not pretty :( I did have a lymph node biopsy (negative) from my right armpit.

I am in physical therapy trying to stretch my chest muscles and strenghen my upper torso muscles, however in five months there has been little effect on the chest muscle tightness.

I changed surgeons after the reconstruction because of the cleavage issue and because the lef breast was noticably larger. The second surgeon, whom I still see, attempted to lypo some of the fat from the larger breast - that only left a depression in that breast. That surgeon did indicate what results may be produced by the procedure - it was my call to allow the procedure.

Are there any options available that will reduce...

Are there any options available that will reduce or eliminate the tightness, and, the dimpling? Also, the reconstructoion left me with cleavage that is more than an inch off center (my belly button is the center point). I was told that my cleavage was probably off center to begin w/, however I'm certain that is not the case. My bra tells the tale of a lopsided set of boobs :) Can the issue be corrected?
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the second surgeon is totally professional, and, explains everything in great detail :)

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