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I am using the Obagi products in preparation of...

I am using the Obagi products in preparation of the pearl fractional procedure coming up. My skin is reacting just as I was told it would. Flaky and a bit sensative(warm). I don't have much discoloration. Fine lines are my concern. I have light skin which seems to be a good thing for this procedure. I am going to be disappointed if the fine lines don't improve greatly. Clearing of discoloration will just be a bonus. Concerned about thinner skin. Just not sure this is the right direction?

Totally worth it

It's been just over 3 months since my peel. OK, it's not the fountain of youth but my skin is clearer, softer, improved texture and just plain feels good from the inside. Hydrated. Doesn't eliminate all the wrinkles but I continue to see improvement. After 2 months I added a little botox to my forehead and filler under the eye. I definitely look more youthful.

The peel itself was a little more than I expected. Not much pain although it had it's moments. Once the procedure was done, I had no further pain at all. Looked much worse than it felt. I bled a lot and significantly swelled. By the following morning, the bleeding had stopped. The skin was dark and tight. The peeling or shedding began and the dark layers continued to fall off with every washing, revealing clear new skin. DONT PULL. It will wash off when it's ready. I chose to hide out for a full week because I didn't want to put makeup on my new face. My face had red blotches for a month but I was able to cover it with make up. The new skin was quite sensitive for wind, cold and sun for about 2 months but manageable.

From this experience I have learned that no ONE treatment/procedure will address all your areas of concern. Its a recipe of different things that work together so YES, it's going to cost you some money but you can try one thing at a time.

About the Obaji products

LOVE IT. Wouldn't dream of allowing anything else on my skin.
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