43years 4kids in Need of Vaser Lipo. Baton Rouge, LA

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Just want a flat tummy after having kids.I been...

Just want a flat tummy after having kids.I been wanting to get it done for a few years now.I visited my first Doc on last Wed,and I will visit a few more before its all said and done.I wanted to get my butt done at the same time,but so far the Doc here in Louisiana are pretty expensive.I didnt want to go to far to get any thing done,because than you got to pay for room and board.

Still looking for the right Doc.

Still looking for the right Doc,well my next consult will be at Doc Khoobehi and Associates. I have read reviews ,where clients say his service was great,but he's not to friendly.Well long as he give me the best service and understand my needs,I think it might be ok.I hope is service manner is decent.

Well this morning one of the reps called from the Doc's office ,and said we have choose another date,because the Doc will not be

Still looking .I started out wanting to do tummy,fat transfer,and breast,but with the down time from work theres no way I could be off for longer than a week.What that being said I'm just gonna do my tummy,I would have loved to get just a little transfered to my buttock.I plan on having this done Jan 2015 which is the busy season in my field which is oil ans gas.I guess we'll see what happens than.


Well my next Will be on Wed 22,2015.I"m still trying to find a Doc near my home,because I dnt have any one that could leave this state to help me.If I do it at home that my husband could help out.I see so many great results away from my home town ,and I want a result that could speak with out words,and just pictures.So I Must keep looking.I'm so excited about beautifing my body I cant stay off this site.Cant wait to see the new me,I Cant to see something new!

Still thinking this out

Well I went to consult with Mr Khoobehi ,he said that if all I did was get lipo I would not be very happy with the outcome.He said that he would love to give me a hour glass shape,with lipo,fat transfer to my hips,because I dont have any,and to finish it off he would do a tummy tuck.I felt fine in his care.He is a very nice funny Doc,and from what Ive seen I think he would do a great job.To do every thing it would cost 17,070.00.I got to get my mind ready to go through a full surgery.I spoke to the nurse and I told her I'm a little uneasy when it comes to the anesthesia,just because the first time I had to use Anesthesia I was real tense ,and it would have been better if the Doc would have give me something to carm my nerves,so I wouldn't have woke up in a panic,like I was trying to run.

I must lose weight

Right now i'm 180lbs I dont plan on having surgery until Dec ,or Jan,It's hard losing weght.In the consut the Doc said that I need to have fat added to my hips.I didn't think of that,he said I didn't have to much,but I thought I was fat all over.I was just gonna do the Tummy Tuck and Lipo.what do yall think about adding fat to my hips?I plan on losing at least another 30lbs before the surgery.

Still have not chosen a Dr yet,but I have been working on the losing the weight.

I narrowed it down to about 3 that I really like.

Tummy tuck

It's been awhile, now I looking to have it done by Dec 2017.

Need tummy tuck &maybe bbl

Been looking for a while,now I just want to get it over.
Mr Todd Howell

First Doc visit with Mr Todd Howell ,i Went to the consult for Lipo after getting on the real self I Learned that Lipo is not enough.

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