Mom Who Works Out Trying to Tighten Up My Abdomen - Baton Rouge, LA

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My daughter is getting married this summer so I...

My daughter is getting married this summer so I wanted to do something somewhat drastic to look good for it. I elected to get Sculpsure, although I was a bit hesitant since it hasn't been out for too long, but the reviews sounded pretty positive. I targeted my lower abs specifically since that's my problem area (birthing problem, anyone?!). I had 4 applicators in the treated area.

The treatment was pretty intense/ painful in the beginning so I had to ask to get the setting turned down. Once the setting went down, I could bear the treatment. Over the next few days, I was sore in the treated area, but nothing unbearable. Sort of like a hard workout soreness. I could pretty much resume my normal activities, but I was taking tylenol to help manage the pain.

I'm about 9 weeks in, and I would say I see a slight/tiny difference in how I look, but I would have wanted to see a much bigger difference. I kind of feel like I skipped a meal, ya know, when you feel a bit smaller? I have to say I was expecting more of a difference, which is why I don't think the treatment is work it. I think there might be more things out there that are cheaper? I could go for another session to see if that's the problem, but I'm already forking up enough money for the wedding!!
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