60 Year Old Wants to Tighten Sagging Skin Around Jowls and Neck

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I have had my pre op and I am ready for surgery...

I have had my pre op and I am ready for surgery tomorrow. I will be having a lower face lift, CO2 laser and fat grafting. I have fine lines that seem to have become more pronounced in the last year. I have sun damage from years of fun in the sun without protection. Last year I had to have a basal cell removed from the side of my forehead around my eye.

Day one. Pretty painful but able to get some rest. Unfortunately during surgery my restless leg syndrome hit with a vengeance.

Day 3

Much more swollen. Pain is at bay . Taking oxy three dimes per day. Vinegar soaks help quite a bit. Face is soaking up aqufar almost as quickly as Inapply it.

Day 4

It has been four full days since my surgery. I am feeling in good spirits and have more energy than before. I was in a bit of a panic about the amount of swelling but have been reassured by my surgeon and others on real self that I fall within the norm. I messaged my Dr. this morning and he called in a round of steroids for swelling and recommended facial,massage. I am so glad that I didn't just wait until my appointment on Monday to communicate with him. I would have been an emotional mess with the unknown !

Day 6

What a difference a day makes! Plus fixing my hair and a little makeup. I am still quite red and swollen but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very pleased with my profile and the loss of my turkey neck. I haven't worn my compression garment all all night long because it is so very irritating but I am going to be better about that!

Day 6

Swelling and redness gradually going down.My face feels itchy after washing. Definitely no pain and overall good level of energy. Anxious each day to see new results as the fat transfer continues to find it's loving home in the hollows,of this old face!

One Week

Healing very well. Totally thrilled results of CO2 Laser and neck lift. Not so sure yet about fat transfer. I think I am weeks premature in making a judgement about it and most likely in the long run I will like it but right now I look in the mirror and see a different face shape looking back at me .

Three weeks out and loving it!

The swelling has come down, all stitches are out, and I have been released to go back to Jazzercise! I am really liking the results!


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