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I went to the doctor to get my monthly...

I went to the doctor to get my monthly prescription for accutane on yesterday. He prescribed me a lip ointment bc my lips are severely dry in conjunction with using carmex . I haven't had any breakouts since I have been on accutane. I was on a 10% fading cream for the dark spots, but he has taken me off until after I'm through with accutane. The doctor is monitoring my triglycerides level because they went up to 193 versus 130 from the previous month. Well keep me posted on you guys journey with accutane!!!! :-)

Fading Cream While on Accutane

My dermatologist prescribed me 4% hydroqunione while taking 40mg of accutane. My insurance doesn't cover the cream because it is consider to be a "cosmetic". The cream is $146 which is very pricey.I'm thinking long and hard about picking it up from the pharmacy, but I want clear skin for once in my life! Has anyone else used a fading cream WHILE taking accutane at the same time and if so how soon did you see results?

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