Rhinoplasty a Few Weeks Before College! -Basking Ridge, NJ

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Hi everyone! My name is Shae and I'm 17 (turning...

Hi everyone! My name is Shae and I'm 17 (turning 18 in September). I'm having rhinoplasty done this Wednesday the 14th. I've read SO many reviews on here and I thought it couldn't hurt to share my story.

I've been self conscious about my nose since before I could remember. Growing up, I'd always look in the mirror and raise my tip with my finger to picture how I would look with my perfect nose. In all honesty...I don't have a terrible nose to begin with. I've always been a decent looking girl. I have a slight bump in the middle and it hangs a bit low in the front. It's also a bit bulbous. So clearly my surgery is plainly for cosmetic reasons. But I've never been more content with a decision before. I just hope I won't take that back when I'm recovering!

Anyway...I'm moving into college on August 31st. So yes. It's about two and a half weeks after my surgery. Scary stuff. I also only told my best friend, my brother and my parents about my surgery. Lying to my other friends wasn't exactly my dream method of choice, but this is such a personal thing I didn't want any opinions getting in the way. But lying is no fun so that's been killing me. So far..I've done nothing to prepare for Wednesday. I honestly don't know where to start with preparation. Or if it's even necessary.

Any tips for preparing anyone??????
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Dr. Samra is the most calm person I've ever met. Ever since our first meeting I've felt SO secure with him. He wasn't judgmental and he seemed to completely understand what I want done and how minimal I want it. He made himself super available to me so I'm just hoping Wednesday goes well! :)

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