Breast augmentation

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Hey everyone I'm a mother of three going good...

Hey everyone I'm a mother of three going good through a divorce and really happy to be single I guess! Looking for something new and I would like to reinvent Myself lol but frfr :) I'm currently a 36 c. Which is an okay size for most but as I said want something a Lil New. My doctor is suggesting I go with 600 -700 saline implants either on top or under neath didn't give an specific he said it can go either way let see how it goes. Also he said I'm at the cutt off were I could use a lift but may not need again! A full c with 6- 700 or more he said, kinda sound like a lot to me! But he's the professional Right? He because I have broad shoulders I would about this much to see a difference. What you ladies think?

wide back or bigger frame

I wonder why with broader shoulders and wider frame you need such an bigger implant?

prescription before surgery

I got my prescription from the doc vicodin 300 mg,Zofran 4 mg, ciorofloxacin 500 mg, Valium 5 mg. This is getting real

wish pics

wish pics

2 more weeks

I'm really starting to get nervous about this upcoming procedure. I did the rice test equivalent to 600 cc ooh they were BIG!!! But I like the size on me . I wonder how true to size the rice test is if going under the muscle

implant type

What's the difference between moderate plus and high profile


Hey guys any suggestions on what I should get for supplies?


I tried on some high profile silicone implants they were the bomb!!!!! I think I'm having last minute reservations about implant style

over the muscle 700ccs -900

The thing is we decided to go on top of the muscle because we don't want to disturb my muscle. It will be quicker recovery time and I see my final result quicker. I have a son that's 1 so. I can't afford to have down time like that, then if I go under the muscle you have to wait like 2 months I'm sorry I don't have time like that. He said because I have enough tissue already he not worry about it at all . He said 900 ccs it the shell can be over filled to lmao he kinda funny there's no way I'm going to 900 Omghe said I'm looking at triple DDD for sure. And I'll be able to pick my little one up slowly in about two weeks

this is what I showed the doc

He said full not two high balls! Lol

almost ready

I'll be on the other side soon! Just got to get the pillow from target because Walmart didn't have it! And get my cat a cat scratcher so her butt cam stop scratching my rug

More wish pic's

On the other side ladies.

First I want to thank you ladies for all your support. I'm in bit of some pain now seriously. Even my elbows and wrist feel like arthritis and this pain medication don't seem to be doing much of anything. The doc ended up giving me 700ccs I think because my tissues were tight ttyl girls

My before pics

before pics

post op day 2


Mentor round smooth moderate plus profile

600 cc fill volume 700cc R & L

no pain medication 3rd day post op

I'm having some sore pain on the side of my boobs and little burning sensation on the same side from time to time. But I'm feeling much better today ladies thank you for your continuous support! I'm waiting the doc is suppose to call me today to check my status I hope everything is okay.

Do they get bigger when wear regular bras?

Because they are enormous WITH the sports bra and clothes lol . I got to wear the sports bra for a month and it feel like it's getting littler . Also do they get bigger when the swelling go down? BA ladies help


Do they get bigger ever day or smaller seriously? ###

post op appt on Wednesday

I can't wait to see how I'm doing fr

post op day three

I can take shower I went grocery shopping and cleaned and cooked a little my back was aching so I stopped and took a break . A guy was at the atm and left his account open stirring at my chest I guess that's a good sign. I just hope I'm healthy right now I've been taking my antibiotics. I must admit I like the volume and vocidin don't judge me please

in pain left boob has flip the script

I m doing to much doctor orders back on the pain medication! This is ain't a joke I thought I was normal. I m feeling some burning, tingling, and hear some water or something running down my boob! The doctor said it's not water but maybe trapped air. Back to pain mess and ice packs ttyls :(

l the bras digging in skin they don't fit I'm fucking annoyed the incision itching no bra last night

Four stretch marks on my right at the bottom. They look pretty but am I good . The doc told take it easy so you probably won't take hear from me for awhile


Too many emotions sorry for the up and downs. I see a lot of changes going on I'm just Venting

first post op appt

Pray for me ladies that all is well.

cleared by doctor for most activity

I can do massaging and start using Merderma My doc gave me . He said I can start using it next week he's the best! My bandages were removed scars don't look to bad but it definitely needs to be worked on

Bra shopping next?

My girls are doing OK in desperate need of bra shopping ! COMING soon

bra ' s shopping ! but wirefree ones lol

Wirefree bras only for now!

wirefree bras

700cc later

Wirefree bra for now loving it !!!

bra less

Without bra

sexy lingerie top

Just trying stuff on!

5 1/2 weeks post op

Super soft and feel like regular boobs! Very happy :)


700ccs... 1 year and the half later they feel completely real. Over the muscle. But they are huge... I wouldn't have went any bigger I think. lol ... Now I'm really just planning maintenance .
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