37yr Old, No Kids, VASER Lipo to 4 Areas (Abdomen & Back) - Bangkok, TH

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Attempted to start my review before but ... here...

Attempted to start my review before but ... here it goes now! In much nervous hesitation and after much thinking, made the call to go ahead with procedure a few weeks ago, then life and work got on the way of my planning and overthinking (maybe not such a bad thing!) and suddenly here I am...! on my way, up in the air on an airplane, and thinking "Holy crap! I'm really doing this...!" VASER Lipo to 4 areas (upper and lower abdomen, flanks and back).... eeeek!

I'm a 37yr old with no kids, fairly active as I do a lot of walking daily and Gym 3 times a week. I'm about 1,70cm and 75kg... which means I'm at the top range of what is considered a healthy weight for me but already working on it and nutritionist tells me I should target 67Kg, although perhaps will push myself a bit further to 65. I've been as far down as 60 before but looked overly skin n'bone thin and aged .... so naaah, not much about me is small anyway, always been round'ish, and like it that way!

About 7 years ago, not keen on surgery, I tried out a non-invasive Lipo Laser treatment (Liposhaper)... two rounds of sessions! and a small fortune (each session approx. €1,000 per area treated) and although admittedly it did help me loose a considerable amount of weight and volume at the time, even at my lowest 60kg and thin looking, there it was...! this bulgy belly and what looks like a poolside inflatable tire around my waist... yeap... still there! as far back as I can remember even from an early age and teenage years. The Dr. himself eventually agreed that there was no way it would go away with exercise and if to carry on, it would still take another couple of sessions. I gave up and settled... however now, determined to get back into my healthy weight again, I've set to give it another try. Still wasn't very keen to take the surgery route, and so looked into the CoolLipo and SmartLipo but.... lol, it's no small bulge that can be pinched between fingers when you're bending... we're talking big fat rolls!! and didn't want to get caught up all over again in a number of sessions to achieve a compromised result... and so, I've set that I would take it a step further and do it for myself! a gift to myself that will make me feel not happy but 'happier' about myself and my figure! The idea had sort of been there for sometime but had hoped to only go the 'invasive' way perhaps after having children... but life takes turns that aren't always expected, kids haven't happened, someone that will take on such a 'project' hasn't yet come along either and meantime .... what should I be waiting on to do this for myself? Gladly I'm at the position where I have a good job that lets me afford it, so why not! ... I don't see this as a way for weight loss, I've started in parallel my weight loss nutrition plan, but to help define and contour my body shape, achieve better proportions and even distribution of the fat that accumulates in the wrong places and stubbornly won't go away. Hoping the results will be more significant than my previous 'non-invasive' treatments, and hopefully more permanent too.... it is a significant investment and as such took a lot of consideration, a serious internal debate and complex mix feelings of shame and guilt, but came to think of it and did the maths, and it's actually close to the same I would have spent in another round of a 'non-invasive' treatment! ... this procedure however, will hopefully have much more significant results and longer lasting or some what permanent. So this it it!.... VASER here I go! Wish me luck!

Pre-Op consultation done!... this is it!!

This morning took everything very slow and easy without rushing to help me keep calm ... but still, lots of butterflies with a big mix of excitement and anxiety

Forgot to mention before! Doing it at the Bumrungrad Hospital in BKK with Dr. Sorawuth. The hospital is huuuge and everything is so organized you just get swooshed from one side to the other and BAAM!! Done! a big oiled factory machine but all the Staff are veeeery pleasant and look after you

Consultation with Dr. Sorawuth was good, pretty straight forward no time to waste, all info had already been discussed and clarified by email but still we quickly went through it all again. Off I go!... staff helping me get ready with a bunch of lab tests and an X-ray, to get drawn up for surgery room
We agreed on the 4 areas (abdomen, flanks and upper back) which should take approx. 3hrs and so the cost is THB184,500 (with 1 night stay) and according to him, in about 2 days time I should already be able to move around and enjoy BKK a bit

VASER ... procedure Done!!

Woow... swooshed around and taken to surgery. The Anesthetist Dr. was brilliant! awesome! came for a chat, very polite and calmed me down. Swear they got me down under in less than a minute! (General)
Woke up to him calling my me up by my name, started sobbing uncontrollably (I always do that! not sure why? but guess was in quite pain for a bit) they medicated me straight away and was good again in no time going in and out of sleep unable to keep my eyes open
Was a bit surprised "what that's it!?? Already done!? what time is it!?" So apparently it lasted 2h45min and Dr. took out 3.8kg of fat, to which I added "I think he forgot to do my back! cause I can't feel a thing, did he do it?" lol .... of course he had
Was in the recovery room for about 2/3hrs and now back in my room in a comfortable bed drinking a lot of water (dry mouth from anesthetic) and even had a nice meal. No pain and still quite sleepy.
Trying not to move much in my bed, feel no pain but quite sore when I try to move... and scared I might pop something lol, if going to the toilet need to call for assistance just in case I loose balance, feel dizzy or faint. Nurse has already been to check and there's been no bleeding! .... so far so good, nurses keeping up the pain meds, getting some more rest for the night and see what the day brings tomorrow when Doc comes by for his check....

Day 1 after procedure

Through out the night the nurses came to check on me for pulse, temperature and antibiotics. Had a pain killer and some more antibiotics with breakfast. Slept well and was lying in bed in no particular pain.... until I had to get up to the toilet OUCH!.... as you first get up you can really feel gravity pulling everything down, can't imagine what it would be like without the garment, after a few minutes then it was Ok'ish. The pain is mainly from the entry point cuts and large overall soreness... very uncomfortable but not unbearable. Think I prepared myself for a lot worse... but so far pain wise it's ok or manageable (would rate it at about 4/5). At one point actually felt better to stand up, was fed up of lying in bed in the same position, so every couple of hours walked around the room for a bit, very slowly and looking a bit like an astronaut first landing on the moon lol... one of the times stayed up perhaps for a bit too long and felt a bit nauseous, but just got back into bed and was fine. In the afternoon nurse came to change my cotton pads to water proof bandaids... opening up the garment SCARY and Ouch cause it's what's holding everything in place but got over it slowly and with a couple of deep breaths. To my surprise I have no stitches, tiny tiny cuts and no bleeding at all, just a tiny little dot of blood on the cotton pad as if a little mosquito bite! and so far not very significant bruising hmmm. So yeah... Doc came by, said I was recovering well and was discharged ... did my slow astronaut walk out of hospital and now back in my hotel room taking it easy and resting. Doc said it would do me better to slowly keep on moving around so will see how that goes in the next days, he also said the bruising should ease at the end of week 2, and swelling should subside at the end of week 3 to 4.

Day 2 after procedure

Woke up in good spirits! Still feeling very sore but mostly reminded of it whenever I get up or try to sit, other than that, feeling a bit more mobile. Had a check on the bruising and was very pleasantly surprised that it didn't look that scary! feels tender from bruising and numb at the same time, a good layer of Arnica should do it good.
As I was being discharged Dr. recommended that I try to move around a bit rather than rest in bed. Followed Dr.'s orders and so happens there's a huge mall next door to the hotel ... hmmm!! a little comfy dress over the garment and off I go! Yeah you can guess the rest ... dumb ass me got a bit distracted walking around and might have overdone it a tiny little bit, so did my slow astronaut walk back to the hotel with a bit of a tingly feeling of pins and needles. Now comfortable in bed and tried to adjust the garment ... think I see bits gone purple in places I never thought off ... DOOOH! resting for now and will not even look lol (that'll teach ya!!)

Day 3 ... some more bruising and swelling

Getting easier to move around and volume generally decreasing. Doesn't feel as bad as it looks, although bruising has gone darker and moved considerably down under... Felling flanks quite swollen today and all taking weird lumpy shapes. Whole abdomen and back feels hard and numb, yet still tender and sore. Not brave enough to have a massage yet, so have just been gently rubbing some Johnson's baby oil and arnica cream myself, applying some gentle pressure to massage and in some areas think I start regaining some feel. Getting up and sitting down is still the hardest but getting easier, every time you do feels like gravity takes over and the whole abdomen is detaching itself from your body.

Day 4 ... swelling doesn't go well with heat

So today started well... slowly could even bend over a bit! whether in the last few days if something fell on the floor, it stayed on the floor! or would basically find myself being so thankful for all the squats and leg work at the gym. The whole torso still feels sore, hard and numb, not sure if because of the garment or me slouching over in discomfort, but have this really noticeable ridge with hard lumps at the top part of my stomach. Tried massaging but painful and won't go away for now, but hopefully in time. This afternoon also felt the whole torso pulling as if elastic bands being overstretched... oouch! it was also a fairly hot and humid day so that plus walking around for a bit added up to some swelling. Bruising around the torso is going alright, the very low part of the abdomen/pubic area though ... woow! full on purple!! and seems to be creeping down to the top part of legs, what's that all about!? So now a fun fact! ... Arnica! that wonderful helpful bruise cream,... it's pretty much unheard and impossible to find here in Bangkok! really??? c'mon... and just about running out, great!

Day 5 ... last set of post-Op meds hmmm

Mobility gets a bit easier by the day and mornings are generally good... perhaps because of this I end up pushing myself a bit harder and then towards the end of the day regret it as I feel swollen and stiff. Also noted that today despite still having that 'elastic band pull' feeling was able to hold myself straight a bit better and not slouch as much, which was giving me a ridge in the upper abdomen. Bruising at the end of the day is not nice to look at and gets very dark, surely walking about for hours doesn't help, but it's also starting to have yellow'ish hues which tells me it's slowly in the process of healing.
I'd say today if needed would have probably been alright with returning to work (my job is not physically strenuous, can mostly sit at my desk and still move around a bit) but gladly still had some unused days off from last year that needed to be cleared and making the most of it now to take it easy with my recovery.
So today was also the last set of meds given to me by the nurse when discharged ... and that was only antibiotics (Cloxacillin 500mg x4 p/day) and some Tylenol for pain management, only to be taken in case of having pain... took it the first 3 days as was worried that I'd find myself in a lot of pain but slowly started taking them further apart and sometimes forgetting ... which told me I was ok without it, so can say I took them mostly out of prevention. No anti inflammatories prescribed (it was also requested by the Dr. to avoid taking any before the procedure, as well as any vitamins or supplements up to 4 weeks before, believe it can interfere with the bleeding)

1 Week Post-Op

End of week one!... and had the post-Op review appointment with Dr. Sorawuth. All is going well and recovery as expected. Incisions were tiny tiny cuts with self-dissolving stitches and have healed well, will start applying some PurCellin Oil to further help avoid small scars. Bruising continues to heal and has gotten better, purple is slowly rescinding and turning yellow'ish brown. I actually think that with regards to bruising it has gone very well and even at its worse it was still not that significant, or perhaps just expected a lot worse. Was told by the Doc that it should be completely gone within another 2weeks, and most of the swelling in about 3/4 weeks once all the fluids have drained from the body. Sexy garment needs to be kept 24/7 for another week, and from then on for at least half a day during another 2/3 weeks.
My focus is now turning away from the bruising and going into the unevenness and hard lumps everywhere, so when do these go away...? So... very looking forward to early March!

Week 2 ... back to normal life and work

This week was all about back to normal life and work ... feels like ages but actually, was only 2 weeks ago. First week there seemed to be lots happening and noticeable daily progress, week 2 not so much... just bruising slowly going away, hard lumps and ridges. Mobility is good and almost completely back to normal, but there's still some stiffness and certain movements where it still pulls and zaps you like pins and needles, specially if too long in the same position, like seating. For the last couple of days found sleeping was also getting more and more comfortable and turning in bed didn't wake me in 'Oouch'! So moving around is mostly back to normal but still haven't built up the courage to get to the Gym, tried rope skipping at home and gave up as didn't feel comfortable with the jumping, will stick with just my daily walks for another week.
Took some progress photos today and felt a bit discouraged ... can definitely see a difference in my body contour and how clothes fit me better, but looking side ways there's still a lot of volume in the abdomen and bra roll. Tried to keep my expectations real but as all was going so well, think I hoped to see a bigger difference by now. In saying that, during post-Op review Doc. did say this abdomen volume was mostly fluids which would ease at the end of a month, but I keep thinking back to the fact that only 3.8/4L where taken out ... and wonder if it should have been pushed to 6L like most reviewers I read in here, however Dr. Sorawuth said 6L is too much and he wouldn't normally do it as its too aggressive. So....,clinging to the idea of 'fluids and swelling' and hoping it will continue to improve in time, it has only been 2 weeks after all... (of an approx. 3/4mths process)

1 Month review

Slightly overdue post of my 1 month review... after watching yourself in the mirror daily you can feel and see differences, mainly with your clothes, but it's not until you place before & after photos side by side that you can truly tell. With not much happening through the 3rd week wasn't feeling very good about it, but have now put some photos side by side and that has given me a little bit of a confidence boost. What I'm most pleased about is how the contour of my body has changed and have now a nicer silhouette with a waistline that makes better sense, still a bit disappointed when seeing myself side ways as still not as flat as I was hoping for... will wait to see how it progresses over the next weeks but thinking its coming down to the abdomen wall and the strength of my core muscles which I'll need to focus on. This has also brought my bad posture and slouching so much more to my attention as its leaving a hard ridge across my stomach. Having this plus a little lump here and there although they're not very visible and slowly softening. Bruising completely gone now. Stopped using garment and using a regular spandex vest instead. Noted skin looking looser and been keeping on top with hydrating body butter hoping it helps with skin tightening. Finding that feel and squishy softness of body slowly returns and doesn't feel as hardened/bloated with taught skin, yet there is still some slight tenderness and occasional pull and pinch, particularly where the incisions were made, all mild and doesn't affect day to day moving around at all, but say jumping around when I go to the gym feels a bit uncomfortable (damned gravity! lol) Also, if I wear trousers or belts, straight after I can see its shape/dents, even if it wasn't restricting much at all... not sure how long this part will go on for, and ... does that mean there's still volume to go down to...?! Hmmm hope so! but will wait n'see
Dr Dr. Sorawuth Chu-Ongsakul

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