34 Year Old Mummy to Five UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Thailand, TH

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So I decided after years of wanting to get it done...

So I decided after years of wanting to get it done that I was going to regain my strength and body confidence. Not that I'm a shy person who hates my body or anything like that, it's just that I needed to get dressed in the morning without that initial sadness in tucking my boobs into my bra and my tummy into my pants ya know?? Anyway I'm proud of what my body has done and what is endured so now I need to put it back into shape. After five large babies.. (All nine pound range)... And a year of breastfeeding per babe, it's looking a bit worn down. And don't get me wrong I don't have unrealistic views of looking like a Victoria's Secret model or anything I'd just like to look like me... Without the extra stuff.. So I'm sitting here in my hospital room waiting for the ps. I'm not nervous at all but thought I'd give anyone who was like me (searching) some answers as I'm going through it now. So this is my journey :)

In recovery

I went into surgery yesterday at 4pm and got out at 9pm. The pain when I woke up was difficult. As a person who has never had surgery for anything before that was tough. I'm almost 24 hours later and I've tried walking around and eating even though I don't feel up to it, but it will help me heal faster. I think the morphine is making me feel gross. I only have these pics of pre op as I haven't had a chance to shower yet.

Day two post op

My back is hurting from being hunched over but I've had my drains removed and had a wash which feels great.. I've changed dressings to waterproof now so I'm feeling a lot more comfortable. I just have to look at he positives because at the moment I feel like a Frankenstein creation :/
Dr. Pornthep

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