Extended Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Upper Eye Lift - Finally Doing a Review...- Thailand, TH

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I am a 40 year old mother of 3 x boys, 6mths-15...

I am a 40 year old mother of 3 x boys, 6mths-15 and 18 years old. I have had a previous tt with MR and have had a c- section with my first bub. My tt was approx 12 years ago. Although i loved the results i was not happy with my surgeon at the time. I had very bad dog ears and when i questioned him he said i should be grateful because he did lipo on my sides for free! Unbelievably arrogant! I truely believe he did no such thing. I was no smaller, i didnt need it done in the first place and there was no bruising at all. Back then i was not a very strong woman so although i was not happy with it, i simply let it go. Anyway... Life happened, there were ups and some very major downs. We all have our own issues in our lives we deal with. Mine were more than some and a lot less than others. I met a wonderful man 7 yrs ago, i could talk for hours about how wonderful he is! (but i wont get all sappy lol) We decided to have my last little boy hence the big age difference. I am finally in a place where i am happy and content in my life. I dont care what i look like naked. I like a lot of other women simply want to look good in clothes. To be able to shop in normal shops and not in the big ladies section.

I will be having an extended tt which i am told will correct all the issues i have on my tummy and sides. I have chickened out on the thigh lift (for now) and will just get the lipo. I think you will see from the pics that its highly likely i will need a lift in the future. I think the pic of my eyes speak for themselves.

I have decided to have my surgery in thailand. Obviously with the price being half of what i would have paid here in Australia its a big draw card. My costing is procedures only. I also had to pay for flights and accomodation. The total cost was $11000. I have several friends that have had procedures done there, including tt, face lifts and breast lift/enlargements. The hospital and my dr come recommended and yes he is board certified. Im hoping for a recovery like my first one. Back at work after a week and a half with zero complications. Only ever had one follow up app with my ps.

I have read that the magical bmi number you need to be is under 30 so thats what ive been striving for. Have just reached this so now trying to get within 6kilos of my healthy weight range. I have 6.5 kilos (14lb) to lose in 5 weeks!! I am 168cm (5.6) and weigh 82.5kilos (181lb). Appologises if my conversions are wrong.

So finally i have written my reveiw and would love to hear any hints, tips and suggestions any of you lovely ladies may have. I have been stalking this website for some time now and already know some of you...

I will add pics asap.

some before pics

off to the pharmacy for supplies..

Tomorrow im off to the pharmacy to buy some supplies. Got some cash for christmas and figured buying supplies for my surgery is still buying something for me. So thanks mum...
Going to buy
Cough lollies
Nasal drops
Antiseptic soap
Eye drops
Hot/cold packs
Kelocote (silicone cream)

Also wanted to say a big thank you to those of you that constantly comment with encouragement and kindness.

oops and...

laxatives. Cant forget them!

flying out 4 weeks from today...

omg omg 4 weeks from today i will be on the plane heading towards thailand! Im so excited, everytime i think about it my heart skips a beat. Not because im worried but because im so dam impatient! Ive even started packing my bag. Im going to pack in some straps or maybe old skinny belts so i can tie a couple of pillows together to put under my knees when im in the hotel. Figure that would stop having to adjust them everytime i move. I remember how much better it felt on my legs and tummy to have my knees bent.
I realised today that im now obsessed with losing weight. Im actually weighing myself daily which i do know is wrong but cant help myself. Everytime i see a loss it motivates me to carry on the next day. I lost 1cm off my bust and off my thighs, half a cm off my waist and 2cm off my hips the last 2 weeks. Im so pumped but feeling anxious that i just wont get there. Im so bent on making sure that im still having a nutritionally balanced diet, i want my body to be at the healthiest it can be before surgery. Its more important than losing the weight.

Question about pain..... What do you think hurts the most was it the muscle repair, lipo or tt.


I am sure the world is conspiring against me. Lost another 2 days of excerise. My little one had vaccination needles mon and was grizzly all day. Poor bub just wanted mummy cuddles. So no time for anything else. Yesterday i had a tooth pulled and told strictly no exercise for 24hrs til the blood clots where the tooth was pulled! My partner said reassuringly its ok just need to work a bit harder for the next couple of days to catch up. Yeah well im not real sure i can devote any more time than i already do to the cause! Oh well such is life.....

previous tt pics

These were taken about 12 yrs ago. I had totally forgotten i had staples not stitches! I never took any other progressive photos. I can see the dog ears but they did get worse over time.

Saturday weigh in,


I lost 1.2kgs/2lb since last sat. Ive lost 1/2cm from my bust and waist, nothing from my hips and 1cm off my thighs. It seems soooo slow,. Any other time i would be estatic about losing that amount but i want it faster, im running out of time. Ive decided that i would be happy to get to 77kgs/169lb. Today i weigh 81.1kgs/178lb. Ive got 4.1kgs/9lb to lose in 3 weeks! Im still determined to lose it healthy though.

I read in the papers that Thailand are having political issues. Protesters are blocking streets and disrupting Bangkok city in a bid to over throw the government. I spoke to the company that has organised this for me and apparently where the hotel and hospital are located is out of the demonstration areas. Australian Smart Traveller, have not changed thier travel warning advice. Mmmm....

Ive also sent some updated pics of my new weight, 14.5kgs/ 31lbs less than my original photos. I cant wait to hear back from him to see what he says.

Have a great weekend everyone

3 weeks til fly out

Time still seems to be going so sssslllooowwww.

One good thing about the issues in thailand is the fact that the thai baht has dropped therefore my surgery is getting cheaper and cheaper...

Omg this is really happening..

This time 2 weeks from now i will be nervously waiting for my plane at Sydney airport!

I was so unhappy with my weight loss last week until i realised there were a couple of things working against me. 1) tom next couple of days. I should know better, i always weigh heavier a couple of days before hand. 2) im constipated! I think it could be from the extra iron im taking. Ive tried to up my fibre so i will see how i go over the next couple of days. So ive been mentally going off at myself because i only lost .700g and ive been working my ass off. Even when i realised there were reasons i still kept saying to myself that wasnt good enough. Then i took a deep breath and told myself to get over it lol! Why do we ladies constantly beat ourselves up! So regroup, refoccus, this is about making my body as healthy as it can be before sx not what the scales say.

I came downstairs last night to do some more on my treadmill and my partner was looking at me strangly. I was wearing my new work out pants..my old ones were falling down everytime i went for a run! $7.50 tights from kmart lol. He told me that i looked great, i have lost so much weight. So i told him that i actually hadnt and he said bullsh@# measure yourself. Ahhh of course 1/2cm off my bust, 1.5cm off my waist!, 1cm off my thighs and again nothing off my hips. I think this is becuase its where most of my issues are. So i took another pic for comparison.

So ive cut out my multi vit. Started with iron, probiotic and a protein shake everyday. Ive added oranges (c) and kale (k) to my diet. Ive already stopped the salt (very hard) and have been rubbing vit e into all sx areas for months. I already drink more water than anyone i know so all that plus my food and exercise i think im about doing all i can. I brought some hiroid bruise cream yesterday from what ive researched it looks like its going to be good bringing the bruises out and apparently helps with swelling.

Ok a couple of questions
Any suggestions on how to up my fibre fast?
What lax did you aussies use. I see that milk of magnese is banned here in australia. I brought coloxyl but ive already tried them and they dont seem strong enough for me. The pharmacist told me just to take more??
Have i missed anything?

Me in my new $7.50 kmart work out pants..

oh and i forgot to say i already use metamucil. Have been from when i was pregnant.

Bangkok declares 60 day state of emergency

Mmmm ok now im getting worried. Waiting to hear back from my travel company...

Keeping an eye on Bangkok news

Protests still remain peaceful and its only a small group bringing in violence. Australian Gov tourist info says its ok just stay away from protest sites. Im assured that hotel and hospital are no where near any of these sites. Mmmm granade in crowd sun and shootings mon and wed. Protesters move to airport expect delays... Bit of conflicting info! Just gonna keep my eye on it..

7 sleeps to go...

My partner will be driving me to Sydney Sunday night to stay with my aunt in a hotel who flys in the same day. We fly out to Bangkok Monday at 10am.

.900g lost this week

Ok now in times of sanity i know i will be fine and ive told numerous people here the same but....im starting to feel i little scared and guilty. Im not scared of death itself but of leaving my boys and my partner without me. Could they cope and why should they have to cope on their own all because i wanted to look better. Im certain my kids couldnt care how i look as long as im around. The results of
the sx is not even a worry i know i will be happy. Im sorry everyone i know we tell each other all the time that everything will be fine but if you could send some encouraging words my way....

Happy Australia Day to all you aussies!


I have anxiety in the pit of my stomach but im calm. I woke up early hrs in the morning full of fear and 100% certain i was backing out. I went to wake my partner then thought that i would wait until this morning. This morning i got up jumped onto the treadmill and opened up my emails. I see all my realself friends and read some reviews of those that have gone before me and just like that im calm. Im ready, lets do this!
Im attaching some updated pics of me a few kgs lighter than my originals. I finished my run up to sx on 78.9kgs. 1.9kgs short of where i wanted to be!! Of cause though i will be losing a few more when im able to after sx, it can wait.
Ok so im staying in Sydney tonight for our flight 10am on Mon morning. I should be able to check in with you all tue, day before sx, from the hotel. To the hospital 7.30am wed morning. Not sure if i will have any internet on phone or tablet in the hospital so i probably wont be able to update again until im out of the hospital and back at the hotel 5 days later.

Thanks guys for all your well wishes!

Last before surgery pics

oops... pics

im here...

Hey guys just wanted you all to know we have arrived safely. No sign of protestors. Alls quiet. The driver was a happy fellow and the hotel is swish! Looking good so far!

I will update again when i can.

Well i made it

Im happy, tired and sore. People at the motel and the hospital have been wonderful. I was operated on at 8pm last night, not sure when i came out. Havent seen my dr today, i think he came but i was asleep. Im going to put up some pics. One is of the photos shows the fat from my thigh and the extra skin cut off. You cant see much under my garment. They have put heaps of padding in. More than normal because they put the garment on inside out and zipper is rubbing on my skin. I have to wait for the dr, no body else wants to help me take it off. There is also a pic of my eyes and omg i love them already.

oh yeah got some major swelling..

You hear about it but until you have it yourself you really dont know! My left flank and hip has major swelling. Actually looks like my left side has some kind of deformative lump. Just saw the dr and he said its completely normal and will go away. He took the catheder out so i can get up to go to the toilet now. Im feeling very happy with everything so far.

some more pics

day 3

Went to the bathroom by myself. Still no bm but ive been on a liquid diet of soups, juices and milk so nit expecting anything soon. Brushed my teeth for the first time. Wow felt so good they were completely feral! 98% off staff here arevwonderful i guess you can get that 2% other anywhere you go. Not that they are bad i put it down to the fact that they dont understand english so they just ignore you. Being on top of my meds so still not really sore. Still getting gushing from my leg every time i stand, better out than in. Took a pic this morning. I love the results so far even though the swelling makes my left side look deformed.

The dr was such a lovely man and made me feel at ease straight up. Actually made me cry (tears of joy) when he told me he could do everything i wanted done. When i asked him if the lipo would stop the chafing he said of course. I then said i expected to also get a thigh lift in which he replied maybe maybe not. He said i would need to massage them as often as i could until the skin went back to soft then he would have a look. So he was never going to fo the lipo and lift at the same time anyway as i needed aggressive lipo. Lucky i had already changed my mind about the lift so i wasnt disappointed but rather relieved that he didnt try to talk me into anything at all. I suggested lipo on the flanks and he also said no to that. He said there is nothing there that i couldnt get rid of myself by continuing to excerise when im recovered. I was happy with his honesty.

I dont think my aunty is having the same experience. Although she is happy with her outcome she hates not being able to communicate 100% with the staff who just nod and say ok to everything. She is over 50 and on meds for diabetes, high blood pressure ans something else. So its important that they understand each other. She has also got a bad cough and the runs so you can understand her not being too happy. Myself on the other hand am younger and on no meds except the pill and thankfully feeling fit.

Still early days but i would say if i had myb timegain i would come to thailand, i think my aunty would too. Its definitleynot for everyone. It is a bit out of your comfort zone. Im sure she will feel better when we are out and back at the hotel. We wil be leaving the hospital on the 9th instead of the 10th if all continues well

day 4

Drains and canula removed. First BM. Back to hotel today. Thank goodness real food. Im sure the both of us have lost weight from not being able to eat!

Drains out compression garment on.

Day 6

My days are mixed up because l technically didnt get operated on until 8pm wed nite and got out in the am Thur morning. So day one for me was Thur. Still feeling really good. Much better than l ever would have thought possible. Have bad swelling in my lower belly and pubic area.Will keep an eye on that. There is no pain or redness there so think its just normal swelling. lt does seem to be going down very slowly. Eyes are itchy cant wait until the stitches are out. Thighs are bothering me. My internet is annoying the hell out of me right now. So tell you about them after.

Thanks to EVERYONE for your kind words, advice, encouragement, for listening to me and making me feel like im not alone.

side by side before and day 6


Day 9

Still feeling good. Im also following the same road as those who went before me....swelling. Oh my gosh its more terrible than i could have imagine. I keep thinking its not normal! My belly feels heavy. If you touch my belly waves of fluid are set in motion like waves on the beach.

post op visit

My po visit went really well. All stitches removed. He drained over half kg in fluid from my legs. (i was weighed before i saw him and jumped back on the scales after i saw him lol). He wrapped them up tight and now i feel so much better. He checked my tummy (the swollen bit) and there was nothing to drain. Nothing came out so he said its just normal swelling but to keep an eye in the colour of my skin in that area.
Got my dr clearance letter so im free to go home yay! Flying out at 5pm 17th. Cause it a night flight hopfully we can just go to sleep and wake up and be home to my family...cant wait

I have a cough...

Think i could be dying lol. I have a sore throat and a bad cough. My whole body is a mass of aches and pains from coughing. I dont know whether to cover my mouth or grab my abdomen!

Be warned, not nice pics

Ok so ive finally put up some pics of my thighs. They are very sore. The dr said that they would basically look a mess and he was right. I guess i didnt realise how much. I need to keep them compressed for 4mths and massage them as often as i can. Apparently i will be able to reduce the lumps and bumps but of cause i will never get the skin to look any better without a lift. Right now i would be happy with the pain just to be under some kind of control!

Before pics

Thought i should add before pics of my thighs.


Theres no place like home. Im very tired but very happy. I saw my GP this afternoon who drained my thighs. She said i may have to come back again. She said the fluid drained showed no sign of infection, good news! She also took out a random stitch the ps missed. She liked the scar. The cough she believes is dry throat from air conditioning. So now im out of it i hope it gets better soon.

Week 2

Here l am 2 weeks po. Feeling great. I need to update my surgery costs as i only paid $9100 for the 3 procedures. This included all hospital costs incuding stay, food, medication and consultations. At the end of the month i will write up my whole thailand experience. In the meantime im very happy so far. Will need to get my thighs drained again tomorrow. But i can see the light at the end of that tunnel. Im stil very swollen especially around my lower belly and pubic area and my left flank. Back to lite n easy adding a protien shake daily as well. Weighed myself this morning and ive lost. 700g/ 1.9lbs since last weigh in before surgery. considering im holding huge amounts of lipo water in my inner thighs and the swelling in my tummy im impressed. i should say that the thigh drainage is apparently normal after vaser lipo. Im also very happy with the results of my eyes. check out the comparison pics for them, what dovyou think...

Week 2

Week 2

Thigh drainage today

Thought i would share before and after pics of my thighs. The top pics show the fluid pocket on one thiigh. The below are after. They look like they have been vacuum sealed! Once the fluids gone i can get stuck into the massaging.

My Dr told me today that i needed to wear compression bandages 24/7 for as long as i can. I need to give my skin a chance to reconnect with the tissue. The broken/damaged tissue from the lipo keeps creating fluid and because there are pockets of loose skin it simply keeps gathering there and will continue and possibly create a cyst. So she said we need to keep draining them as long as its needed. Keeping it compressed is like applying pressure when you have a cut to stop the bleeding. Makes sense. So the compression will slow the fluid build up and help the skin reconnect which it cant if there is fluid in the way. Ive ordered another compression garment should arriive next week until then im using compresion bandages. Sooo uncomfortable but we do what we must.

Week 3 minor set backs

Sooo im trying very hard to keep myself pumped. My humor is starting to wan...yes, yes i know poor me lol. I now have (what a few of you already suspected) a seroma on my belly. Im having an ultrasound today to see how bad it is and whether it can be drained. They cant tell if its one large pocket of luid or a large shallow pocket which is apparently harder to drain. This is the water bed in my lower belly and pubic area. It now 'waves' almost right around to both hips! At least i know now that this horrible swelling i kept thkmking was normal is not. So my results are going to be better. ive been so stressed crying and worrying because as you know there is no way i can see my ps. Here in Australia our ps make it hard, they dont like to see people who have their sx overseas. I love my general dr! She gave me a big hug and told me she would get it sorted and that i should stop stressing so much. She is handling everything. she has gone well over andd above!! So another seroma to add to the 2 i already have on eavh inner thigh. Good news is she is draining less and less from my thighs each time. Im seeing her every 2 days, problem is im back to work moonday. Not sure how work wil react to me taking more time off. Remember ive actually had 9 months of maternity leave.
On another happier note ive lost.1.7kgs/ 3 lbs since before sx. And with zero exercise as well. I had to buy some new work pants as my previous ones were waayyy too big. Now thats a great feeling.

quick update..

Ok ultrasound shows seroma goes the whole way around the insicion. From end to end. Its just sloshing around in the there. The same place i had the utrasound done will also drain it as it moves around they need to use the ultrasound to pin point where the fluid is to drain. Getting this done monday. They are booked out but said i need it done so just have to go in and they will fit me in when they can. Just had to call in sick to work on my first day back after 9 months oops

Seroma drained

So drs app to get the referal for the radiology place 8.20. Radiology with referal to see thier dr 9. Dr gives me app for draining 11. Back to drs at 3 for thigh drain. Busy day lol. Between tummy and thighs they drained a total 355ml. My worse thigh drained 180ml 2 days ago and today only 120 woohoo! Its working. Back to work tomorrow..blah lol.

Week 4

Looking at this weeks pics. Compared to last week i can see a massive difference. The swelling has gone heaps. I had bad swelling in my hips and outer thighs. I can actually see some slight difinition in my tummy as well. Dr said this is because ive been wearing my new compression garment. She also said it would be ok for me to have a lymphatic massage now as well and that will also make a difference in the swelling. So ive lost another 1.8/ 3.15lbs! This in 1 week!
Fluid is already back in my tummy draining again on monday. Bad thigh drained only 80mls and other only 24mls today. Sllooow going. But slow and steady wins the race....

skinny jeans yay!

So even tho im trying to hold off on buying new clothes i deperately needed something as everything in my cupboard is too big. Still swollen and of cause there is the fluid in my belly and thighs but they were too big before my sx from the weight loss. Looking at my pregnancy clinic records i weighed in at 103kgs/227lb 9 mths pregnant back in june. Im currently 76.2kgs/ 167lb. Thats a loss of 26.8kg/60lb, im so proud of myself for that. i stil have 3.2kgs/7lb to go. Feel like im struggling against myself here. I want to get on my treadmill and get this done but lord knows how long im going to have to wait until these seromas are sorted. Feel scared im going to go backwards and lose my motivation. Didnt go thru all this to gain weight!
Anyway......so we were going out to dinner, just at the local club really had zero to wear. Off to the shops i go not real sure if im going to be disapointed if nothing fits from swelling. So i grab my old size thinking they are skinny jeans right?? Was happy but not too surprised they were too big, so i ask the sales ass if she could get me a smaller size..well she went back and forth untl 3 sizes smaller and yay they fit! Best thing is i probably could have went even smaller as they were still a little big with all the extra swelling but i decided to stick with those for now because i wanted them for that night not for a few weeks from now. I tried them on again after i got home and my partner said i should take pics and post them as he thought i looked awesome! That is the best feeling in the world! Is this truely me..wow! Oh and no mufin top lol

Week 5

Here i am at week 5. Still swollen, some days more than others. But i do have great news..seroma is gone from my belly!! good thigh drained 12mls and bad one 54mls. Oh yes yes yes! they did an ultrasound to check my swollen pubic area and after a moment or 2 where they thought i had a hernia they decided it was just some trauma to the tissue from the surgery and it will go like all the other swelling with time. I now really feel like im getting somewhere. I weighed myself this morning and the number on the scales has not changed. Happy with that. Ive posted some pics in some cute underwear (underwear model im am definitely not lol) but forget about my tummy in the frontal shot. Look at those legs! There is now huge amount of swelling just above my knees. This is because my garment ends there so all the swelling is pushed down there. It will go away just like the rest. The big picture here is my legs do NOT rub anymore and that is awesome!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and even tho ive probably got at least another week or 2 of draining to go before they disappear altogether i couldnt be happier. Oh its just swell to be me (see what i did there haha)

Week 6

Week 6! Wow hasnt it gone fast! No longer draining my left (good leg) thigh. Last drain was only 10ml so we are going to see if this will resolve itself. WIN!! My bad thigh drained only 32mls. So this is also on its way out. I had 3 stitches left in my eyes...1 fell out a couple of days ago. Ive lost 2cm off my waist and a huge 6.5cm off my hips. Im soooo happy with that. This was my problem area! Im down to 75.9kgs/167lb. So ive lost nearly 20kgs /44lb since my pre-pregnancy. Im still not allowed to do any exercise and im really dying to get back at it. Work has been good. Coming in late every mon and leaving early every wed for drs app. I get so many compliments it motivates me to at least control what i can which is my eating. Thought i would do something different this week. You have seen me bare all and my underwear model moments. Today i thought i would show a pic of me dressed. Yep no xxx stuff today lol. This dress is what i wore on the night i got together with my partner nearly 8 years ago (a baby and weignt gain and loss in between). I never wore it with the wide belt either. One very happy girl.


So the stitch in my side was poking out a bit more this morning. So i grabbed the twizzers gave it a pull and out she came, 3 times longer than i expected. There is now a tiny hole in my incision. Im not worried about this as it looks clean and it should heal fairly quick. BUT there are many stitches appearing along the whole length of my scar now. Should i be worried?

One step forward and 5 steps back..

I have been able to move my PS appointment to this coming Monday. I was booked in for Apr 10th just for him to go over what i had done in Thailand and check that my GP and i are doing all we can about these stupid seromas. After going to get my thighs drained Monday just gone we decided that i needed to get in earlier. My bad leg is draining pretty much the same every 2 days now so its not resolving. My good leg which we didnt drain last time because it had only drained 10mls the time before (under 25 mls should be able to be reabsorbed back into the body) drained 34mls on Monday. This is also not resolving. We are now looking at putting in a drain and leaving it there until it slows down. Some times the fluid pocket can form a kind of lining and so the skin can not stick back and the pocket will remain. Next step if this occurs ....surgery to cut it out.

Another stitch came out of my eye leaving what i thought was one to go. Another one in each eye is now coming to the surface which brings me back to 3.

Good news is the hole from the stitch that came out of my side looks good. GP says that it should heal fine.

Im up and down emotionally just now. I know that complications could be much worse than seromas. I also know that my eye stitches and my tummy stitches can come out with out any issues so it should mean that any more that come up should follow the same. I do love my results. I am over complaining about my sermoas and stitches. I am soooo ready to be normal.

7 weeks

No words today, just pics. Some of these before pics you have seen above. They speak for themselves

photos didnt attach. Try again

Sooo ive had my cry....

and now im over it. PS downed me for having sx overseas and leaving their mess for people like him to "clean up". Offered me very little advice other than to say he wont do anything about it. Come back in 6 mths. I have an app with my GP tomorrow morning, she is going to be pissed! She fully expected that he would put drains in. I told her orginally that i wouldnt get help from an aussie PS but she insisted that drs dont work that way. Well i wished she was right but unfortunately not. I left there crying and $170 out of pocket. Got in my car and side swiped a concrete pillon. Damaged the left drivers side door! So i cried some more. I seriously cant keep seeing my gp every second day for the next 6mths!

Deep breath...in....out...in....out. Ok, ok so my next step is gp tomorrow and have a chat on what she thinks. Once she knows that we are on our own (im sure she will freak at first like i did) she will sit down and we can work out our own plan of attack. SCREW YOU MR PS! if you had made the sx more affordable more people would get it done right here! We dont need your help, me and my GP have got this!!!!!

8 weeks!!

No pics as nothing has changed. I feel as if my swelling has peaked this last week. Maybe because ive been more active even tho im still not exercising. And Ive gained 2 kgs! Very disappointing. But then its my birthday today so i had cake at work yesterday, went out for lunch with my sister and parents today and there is more cake tonight....and that bottle of red is calling out to me! Think im going to have a glass or 2 and celebrate turning 40 again lol

9 weeks and guess what...

i cancelled my dr app last fri. Yep i didnt need to go! I had my thighs drained tue, good one had nothing there! Bad one 5mls!! I checked them fri and couldnt see any fluid so cancelled. Have to go back next tue to make sure they havent come back but looking good! I also need to get a referal for another ultrasound. This is to check the belly seroma and what they thought might be a hernia. But i feel this will also be fine. It bothers me that if i hadnt changed the ps app (original date 10th) i might not have been so devastated by his comments. I still would have went but knowing that the seromas were already on their way out i wouldnt have cared as much.

I have a confession to make...i havent worn my cg since the ps app. I know, i know, i promised i would but seeing as its turned out for the best im not sorry lol! I swell a bit in the afternoons but still 100% better than the rolls of skin from my old belly. Im happy to just let it work its self out. Ive finally been given permission to exercise as long as its nothing concetrated on the thighs. So fri i did a gentlish 40min walk. Just felt good to be doing something,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and i do mean EVERYONE who has commented, complimented, suggested, laughed, told off and just listened to my review. I know it sounds as if im leaving you all, a bit melodramatic, but im feel like im coming to the end of my journey and im a tad emotional. I agree with everyone when they say this sx is an emotional rollercoaster. From making the big decision to do the sx, the anxiety and impatience waiting for your sx date, the first days after and the long recovery process (especially if you have complications of any sort). I wouldnt change a thing. Im so happy to have done this sx for me and to have shared it with some pretty amazing people. The journey would not have been the same without you.

Thank you to redwine lover, pels, beachgirl, happysuzy, ava, rylee, ttlatina, sammiejoe, mumtum and many many more that i have met along the way.

3 month

Hi everyone. I know its been awhile. I am now offically seroma free. Ive had my last ultrasound which shows less than 6mls in my belly and less than that in my thighs, yay!!!!!

3 months on and even tho my swelling still comes and goes its stable most of the time. Im on a misson to lose some kgs. Now that ive been given the all clear ive started at the gym. Of cause there has been the Easter holidays so not much weight loss to talk about just yet. Unlike others im not a gym freak but i do definitely like to be active so im feeling heaps better physically.

Now on to other stuff. Im now looking at having revision surgery. Ive emailed through to my ps so will wait to see what he says. Hopefully that will go well if not im going to have to fork out the cash here in australia to have it fixed. The more the swelling goes the more i notice the deformaty in my left side. The scar looks likIe its been pulled to tight. There is now a weird bulge above and below the scar. I havent gained any weight so it cant be that and the ultrsound showed nothing abnormal there. Its hard to explain so check out my pics. It doesnt really show how noticable it is but you CAN see it. At this stage im trying not to panic. Fingers cossed this is an easy fix. Ive also posted to the RS PS community as well to see what they think. Im going to give my PS the benefit of the doubt for now and hope that number 1 i hear back and number 2 he wil be happy to revise

Ive also decided that i will need lipo in my pubic area and a bit of lipo from my inner thighs down to my knees.

My partner and i have decided to tie the knot and make it offical. So all of us and my sister and her kids will be cruising Oct next year. So doing a little bit of planning. Looking at getting married in Vanuatu. Love looking at all the wedding dresses and not being restricted in my choices. Awesome feeling. Even if i cant get this issue fixed i still believe i look 100% better than i did before surgery.

Ive also attached a pic of how my scar is looking. It does look rather red in the pics which is true when i wear certain pants that rub on my scar. My scar is not as neat and straight as others but i dont care about that at all.

Hope all is well with all my RS friends xx

should note some pics above are camera towards me and other reflected in mirror.


coming up to 8 mths - thigh lift now on the cards

Hi all! Ive updated new pics. Please dont look at how dirty the bathroom mirror is lol
Soooo i ended up gaining 5kgs from my last weigh in date post op. Ive now lost that and almost another 5kgs more! Im feeling great and ready for my thigh lift. My confidence level is the highest its ever been in my life. I love being able to walk into any store and know that i can grab clothes straight of the rack and they will fit. I find myself still grabbing the xxl sizes and even arguing with the sales assistants about what size they should get for me lol. Ive been doing weight watchers and loving it. I still need to lose another 5kgs to reach the top end range of my goal weight. Ive been going to the gym in my lunch break 4 days a week. From the day i left work to have my baby 15months ago i have lost just over 30kgs. Some of that was obviously baby but still proud of my achievements!
I am just waiting to hear back from a plastic surgeon i saw last fri regarding hospital costs and then i will begin my next journey. You can see all the loose skin from my pics. The ps showed me what i could expect and i was so happy. It will be the kind of lift that has the insicion in the groin. The scar will be approx 30cm long and he will remove 7-8cms of skin from end to end.
The ps will also be doing a bit of contouring lipo from my inner thigh down to the knee. Just so it blends better.
He is also doing a touch of lipo above my tt scar on the left side. This will make the bulge there smaller and more like the shape i have on the right side.
I am having lipo on my mons. He will then be re opening my tt scar above my mons/lower ab, pulling it all up and re stitching.
I am sooooo soooo excited. I will let you know when i have a date!
Hope all my friends are enjoying their new bodies as much as me xx

and my thighs

it didnt attach

change of priorities

So my thigh lift was 27th Jan next year. This has now been postponed probably not until 2016 now. I have a pretty bad prolapse and I will be undergoing bladder, internal and external repairs as well as a hysterectomy. Because I have been told I will need to take a full 6 weeks off as well as time off for the wedding late next yr I simply don't have enough days saved up to take the time off for the lift as well. I have another appointment with the ps on the 12th Dec to talk about just having some revision work done with minimal down time. I will be fixing the lump on my right side above the tt scar, removal of the slight dog ear on the same side as well as contouring lipo from the current inner thigh lipo area down to the knee’s. All of this will be done in his own clinic saving $$$ on hospital fees. I'm still excited to have these smaller procedures done and am still 100% certain I will get the thigh lift done. I've been going to the gym 4 days a week in my lunch break at work. Not losing weight but maintaining and toning. Would really still like to loose another 5 or more kgs but for now just soooo happy to feel and look normal. Love wearing summer dresses. For the first time ever my inner thighs do not rub so no chafing in the heat. They don't look too good with all the extra hanging skin but the certainly feel so much better. And that makes the whole thing more than worth it!
Hope you are all enjoying your new bodies as much as I do.

Oh one more thing...

I forgot as part of the revision work I will also be having lipo and lift on my mons. Some thing that I really think will make a big difference in my overall shape.

date set for revision work

So Feb 12th it is. I will be seeing Dr Kohout here in Australia, Sydney. My PS in Thailand wanted me to wait another 12 months and I just got the all over feeling that they didn't really want to see me again. I'm not complaining about anything I had done there at all. I'm still very happy with my results. I've read another 2 reviews here on Realself of Australians who have the same bulging issue's. Done by top Aussie Plastic surgeons. Even the PS I have seen myself here in Australia have said it's common, it's just from having the scar pulled too tight. I have finally discovered a PS that I like and is affordable here in Australia. After some initial communication problems I'm really excited and happy to book it all in. After getting married end of next year I will also be booking my thigh lift in with Dr Kohout for early 2016. Will let you all know how I go with the revision work before starting a new review about my thigh lift. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

revision done!

Hi all!
mons lipoed and lifted- check
scar revision and side bulge gone - check
Inner thigh lipo from old area down to inner knee - check.
Woke up from sx like I had just had a good night's sleep. No real pain at all. Back at work. Loads of beautiful blues and blacks lol. Side perk was when he lifted my mons has has pulled down as well. Check out the before and after tummy pics. After pic looks heaps flatter and tighter. As we know lipo results take a good couple of months to get the full effect but so far I'm really really happy!!

lovely shades of blue and purple.

4 days post op and yes it hurts as bad as it looks

1 week down.

So I'm 1 week down. Bruising is already starting to fade. The throb is gone completely. I'm now getting stinging pain occasionally which although is excruciating only lasts a few seconds before going just as fast as it started. Had a visit to see my ps nurse on Thursday. I have to wait 6 weeks before I can see the actual Dr. The nurse has said everything looks like it's healing well. No stitches needed removing as they are dissolve on my mons and the liposuction holes have internal stitches.

I know it's very early days especially when it comes to lipo. But I'm thinking that he hasn't done as he said. On my first visit he said he could lipo above and below the scar on my left side and that would get rid of the bulge. The second visit he said to get the best results he would open the scar back up from the end to almost right back to the front almost tying in with the mons lift. Then pretty much simply closing it back up making sure that it wasn't pulled too tight this time. He did say that he would still do a bit of lipo just to help my body shape on that side so it was more symmetrical. This would also take care of the dog ear. On the sx day when he was marking me up he reverted back to his original plan. I questioned him about it and reminded him that he was also going to remove the dog ear. He said he could remove the bulge by liposuctioning it and also the dog ear area. So my side scar was not re-opened. There is still loads of swelling so it's hard to see how good this has worked. Obviously the bulge is still there but is it just swelling bulge???? I think???? I can 100% still see where the scar dents in. I have to admit that it does look much better BUT it is still there. AND the dog ear is still there! I thought that fixing dog ears was an easy fix but it did need to be cut off??? I can't help but wonder if the results would have been better if he had stuck to the plan. I have emailed him some questions but it was late Friday so I probably won't hear back until Monday. I'm trying not to worry yet but I can't help it. Let's see how he addresses the situation first. If he agrees it's still not fixed but is willing to try again, I will not be happy but OK with it. On the other hand if my concerns are waved away I'm thinking I'm going to have a break down. This cost was another $6000. And i want SO MUCH to have this thigh lift. But I'm scared to waste more money. I was confident in my tt sx simply because I had previous experience but this is new ground. I just can't see how even when the swelling goes down that these issues that I paid a lot of money for will be fixed.
I will try and get a better pic of the bulge. I know it doesn't seem like such a huge issue to some but it definitely looks different from my left to right sides and of course there is the money I paid to have it fixed!

some before and after photos of thighs and side

As you can see there is a lot of difference with the contouring on my side. Overall has given me much better shape very happy with that. My thighs are still very swollen at the moment but I am already happy with results so far. I understand that as the swelling goes down I will get lots more lose skin this time more around my knees, but that's why I'm booked in next year for the thigh lift.

I'm not happy about the dog ear and the fact he didn't do what he specifically said he would do with my side scar pull.

I emailed him some general questions and said I had made an appointment to see him March 20th regarding these issues. He got back to me 8pm the same day. He answered my questions which were things like when can I do some gentle exercise etc. And said he was looking forward to seeing me in march. He didn't ask me anything about the issues but didn't brush me off either. So I'm still happy with him so far.
Dr Narongdej

Hospital was Piyavate. Dr NJ put me at ease straight away. Very laid back happy smiling man. English was great. The staff all seemed to like him as well. Word of warning. English spoken is very broken. They will not understand everything you say. Had a hard time getting a cup of tea. The whole process was a bit rushed so if you have doubts make sure you do your own research before hand. Even though it was hard with communication i can not fault the staff, always smiling and cheerful. The staff at the hotel we stayed at before and after sx went over and above. Even the transport guys were fantastic. Plastic surgeons here in Australia have said my tt is a top job REVISION SX BY DR KOHOUT SYDNEY. EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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