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So I am a mother of 2 boys & with the youngest...

So I am a mother of 2 boys & with the youngest just about ready to turn 11 I think its time to put myself first! I have had the idea to get a tummy tuck for about 9 years now & am honestly looking forward to it. I'm not going to lie... its a little daunting... you ask yourself 'What is the outcome going to look like?'.
I've decided to add breast augmentation into the mix as I have always felt a little self conscious about my breasts being smaller than some of my friends fuller sized ones. Its not that I am wanting to out do them by any means, but lets be honest, we all compare ourselves to what we don't have & who better than to open up to our friends and be honest, I discuss sizes with them openly! So... this is so far my story... I love the idea that I can share mine & also look to the ones that have gone before me to help me make some concrete decisions. So thank you for everyone that has shared their story & pictures.
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