Liposuction in Bangkok - Thailand, TH

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Hi! Have been looking at getting liposuction...

Have been looking at getting liposuction over in Thailand for about 6 or 7 months, following threads and forums n reviews everywhere! Now I'm here to start my own about my experience.

I'm leaving on the 30th of October 2012 from Australia
I've done lots of research, and found a surgeon with a fair amount of good reviews. So I have booked a consultation with him on the 4th of November (so i have a few days to enjoy myself beforehand)
If I'm happy with it all, my surgery will be on the 5th.

I've also got a consultation on the 3rd of November at Phyathai hospital, I chose this hospital because it's close to our hotel, however can't find any information on any of the surgeons they've recommended. so I feel I need to keep my options open however so far only comfortable with the first surgeon so far.

the surgery I want done is Liposuction, areas I want done are;
-love handles
-upper arms

I want to know if anyone has any recommendations as far as hospitals, surgeons for this procedure, any post surgery woes, or helpful hints. I'd ideally like to keep posting to share my experience with everyone, and those that are in the same position as me!

Surgery went really well!! I ended up getting...

Surgery went really well!!

I ended up getting my inner and back of thighs, love handles and lover abdomen to help make the appearance of a scar on my stomach a bit better looking so I didn't get my arms, I can live with that.

I'm very scared of general anaesthesia and had many worries with regards to nausea etc. I had my consult with the surgeon on the Sunday morning which went well. Make sure not to hesitate to ask lots of questions, write them down because you get nervous n forget crucial questions.

My surgery was booked for 7pm on Monday night (5th nov)

Throughout the day, I had so many 'extreme' feelings. I chopped and changed my mind over and over trying to work out if its what I really want (this is very common I've read) I thankfully went ahead.

I went to BNH hospital a few hours beforehand to run some test and so on. The anaesthetist came in while I was waiting and told me everything she was going to do which made me feel much more at ease!

I got back into my private room late that night, looked down n there was the compression garment on me. I didn't feel any pain or nausea which was fantastic and had a broken sleep mostly.

Throughout the next day I had 3 courses of antibiotics nausea tablets, and a few other injections n I felt alright..until I needed to go to the toilet. Going to the bathroom I would say is the biggest struggle, because once you try sit on a toilet seat the pain in the back of the legs kicks in. I always had someone take me which was good.

Towards the end of the night I chose to go home, I could have stayed another night but didn't see it was necessary. However because of the pain in the back of my legs a tuktuk or taxi was out of the question. Me and my partner walked to the bts sky train and went home that way.

The first night I tried to sleep on my back, pretty uncomfortable, sleeping on my stomach was surprisingly so much better, but still uncomfortable to a point.

The first couple of days moving around was hard, but had to be done to get the blood circulating drank heaps of water as well. Didn't really do much else to be honest, I didn't feel the strength to. I had a shower after the 3rd day I read lots of things about when you should and shouldn't, I'd say listen to your body, and how it feels. Taking the garment off to shower was painful but a relief once I got it off! I didn't feel dizziness as I've read about, but I took off slowly..very slowly, maybe that's the key. If possible have someone to help you in the shower, thankfully my partner was able to help. Bruising was minimal but sure it was yet to come.

Yesterday and today, I've been out and about. i went back to my surgeon today to get my stitches out. which all went well, I've got a lot more bruising than the other day and i think it'll get worse before it gets better. I have arnica cream, but haven't used it as I can't work out when to, after I have a shower the garment goes back on, if I put it on before I put the garment back on it will dirty the garment. So I'm heading back to the hospital tomorrow to buy another one. And a longer one as well as this one goes up to my waist and digs in a little bit, hard to explain but if you're getting your love handles done, get a compression garment that goes up to underneath your bra strap.

I'm still taking it easy and still unable to sit properly without being in a lot of pain. I walk at least 2 or more paces slower than everyone else which sucks but again I'm just letting my body tell me what it can and can't take and I guess that's the main thing.

It's been a massive rush to get all of this down and I'm sure I've missed lots and made a fair few mistakes.

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask. N there's no such thing as a stupid question. If you are in the midst of deciding on this procedure make sure you have every question answered before you go ahead with it

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