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NEVER, NEVER AGAIN will I go through Destination...

NEVER, NEVER AGAIN will I go through Destination Beauty for dental work again!! I found the dentist unprofessional, rude, uncaring and obnoxious. They didn't quote me the correct price until I got to Thailand and ended up being 3 x the price. Dentist only drilled for about 3 seconds on each tooth, which have been missing fillings for about two years. I got quite upset with the laughter I was hearing while he was laughing, to the state of sobbing, but they didn't stop to see if I was alright or show any care at all. Also, after when I complained to the Destination Beauty receptionist she said they had other patients getting upset over this same dentist. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!!
Detination Beauty

The dentist was uncaring, unprofessional and obnoxious. From the second I saw him I regretted my decision in going all that way to Thailand, to a strange place to receive horrible treatment as well. Will never do this again!!

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