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Dr NJ is a disaster, I'm convinced that the...

Dr NJ is a disaster, I'm convinced that the patients destination beauty send to the seminars are paid to be there, the entire experience was a disaster. My results are uneven, lumpy and disfiguring. I have had an tummy tuck, mastopexy and lippo in Canada, the results and experience were yastily different with Destination Beauty. They do not care about you or results, you are treated like cattle. In and out, the Drs are so busy they are performing surgeries at midnight and post op you have to get very angry to even see the Dr. I was in Thailand for 23 days and meet over 30 destination beauty patients and I can gods honest truth tell you not one of them was happy with the results or the process. Most of us did not see our doctors before flying home, the nurses tell you whatever to get you on a plane and back to your own country where you are not their problem anymore.
Thailand Plastic Surgeon

I barely spoke to him, consultation pre surgery where I was told my surgery would be more then double what was quoted, even though I had been seen by a dr at the seminar and sent photos with colored boxes and arrows pointing to exactly what I wanted done. Post op maybe 30 seconds, he never laid eyes on my surgery site before I flew home. The nurses take photos and say he will review them as he is busy busy, they few times I asked to speak with him I was told, he's much to busy or full out lied too and told he was out of town.

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