Fat Loss Under Eyes by Laser - Bangalore, India

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I used to have dark circle under eyes, little...

I used to have dark circle under eyes, little prominent under right eye (there was a small and fine crack as well) due to one small previous injury got few yrs back, I started using Retin A 0.5% cream under right eye only from month of April’11, after 3 days continuous use, I got burn by mid April.

On Dr recommendation, taken 1st treatment of RF for 10min under both eyes on suggestion of Dr , Dr also suggested me filler for cure and reduction of dark visibility (dated on 14April)

On not agreeing for filler, she suggested me 1unit Botox to stop muscles movement and revilte but she put 2unit botox under right only and operated with wavelength 1064nm/2.2Jule energy (dated on 25April)

I got badly swollen look (chipmuck type) on right of face. to wear botox faster, I taken 2nd RF treatment of 10min (it was little ablative) on ~20may. Nicely got pain and swollen further (decided never to take RF again)

On force from Dr I continued to take revlite, 2nd session was on 17 June’11 with revlite 1064nm, 2.3 Jule energy, 2 pass right eye and 1 pass left eyes
Similar few more treatment dated on 7July, 28July, 14Aug on getting result, I completely stopped taking further laser treatment

Botox started wearing off by sept month and Skin started looking hang/loose by mid Oct. During home visit on Diwali parents told about some hollowness under left eye and aging and loose skin under right, so I visited Dr again on 3rd Nov .. She again suggested laser for tighten the skin and gave multi-passes under both eyes after that, I got severe swollen and lot of fat loss under eyes, I started noticing completely right under muscles flatten / loose stiffness/ droopy look.. since Dec’11 beginning, seems there is no fat

After 3weeks wait I could achieve little lift up the muscles, with lot of itching and little swollen. I have 30 to 50% fat loss under eyes

Got a surgeon who is good in fat grafting, having plan to take it after my marriage happening on 15Jan’12

I turned 28 in Aug.

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