Update at 11 months later!

I'm so excited/nervous for my mommy makeover in...

I'm so excited/nervous for my mommy makeover in just 2 1/2 weeks!!!!!!! I'll be having a lift, augmentation and abdominoplasty with muscle repair done.

I cannot WAIT to have nice boobies again, and to have a flat stomach after 3 babies!!!! I'm an online fitness coach, and feel like my round tummy prevents me from being as confident in my role as I should be!! I am fit, but looking pregnant doesn't show my fitness level!!

I'm really nervous about recovery and about the final result. I HOPE it's worth it, I hope I actually get the flat tummy I'm looking for!! My breasts have also suffered the effects of nursing 3 babies, as well as a slight asymmetry that I'm hoping will be corrected.


15 Days to go!!!! I have no idea what to expect or what I'll need!!!!!

Hey guys, can you help?? I have no clue what to expect after my surgery!!! I'm mostly curious to know how you FELT about your new body in the first day, week, and month!!!

I'm worried as to how I'll react to all that scarring....but I know in the end the muscle repair will make the abdominoplasty worth it, and I'm really looking forward to having boobies too!

Thanks for your help :)


T minus 33 hours 40 minutes

Getting SOOO nervous. I have a recently discovered thyroid issue, no wonder it's been impossible for me to lose the rest of the baby weight!! I've put on a about 8 lbs, but want to lose 15....I'm really hoping that won't affect my results!!

The most nerve wracking thing: what if I get the wrong size??!?!?

Before Photos

Surgery Complete

I won't lie, I'm in a ton of pain. Not even close to c-section pain - it's 10X that pain!! When I woke up, I couldn't breathe, and although I'd read many reviews stating that, I wasn't prepared for how bad it would be. I recieved a couple of doses of Phentynol in recovery and came back to my hospital room to rest. If I stayed absolutely, 100% still it hurt less.

For me, the worst pain continues to be my abdomen, the incision and the muscle repair. Getting up to pee nearly made me pass out, and I was hurting so badly it made me really nauseous. It's definitely more pain than I anticipated, and I have a pretty decent pain tolerance!!

I will say, however that I do not regret my decision. The pain is temporary, and the results will be forever. My breasts looked amazing before all the swelling set in, and I am so happy with the size I chose! I chose a 435 cc implant and it's so perfect for my body! My belly button already looks good, I'm hoping it doesn't stretch out too much!

2 days out

I asked for a sleeping pill last night since I barely slept at all the first night, and woke up feeling so much better!!! I'm staying on top of my pain meds and cannot stress enough the importance of not letting it get out of control!!!

My left breast is more swollen than my right, and they are riding super high. My upper tummy is really swollen, and above the incision as well.

I'm really hoping to stay in hospital until Saturday, as I cannot imagine going home tomorrow to kids and stairs. I will ask my surgeon to keep me until Saturday.

I had a drainless Abdominoplasty and am so grateful not to have to worry about that!!

I also haven't worn a compression garment at all! My PS gave me a pretty awesome pair of yoga pants and tank that have elastic but aren't uncomfortably tight.

Is it normal to have this crazy swelling in my upper abdomen?

How long did it take for your tummy to settle and look flat?? My surgery was on the 3 days ago and I haven't seen it flat at all yet...I know to expect swelling, just not sure how long until I should expect the crazy swelling to last!

My swelling is making me look really wide, curious how long it ill last???

I'm eating really well, no sodium or sugar but am holding onto a ton of water making me appear really wide!

Is there anything else I can do?? How long did your swelling last??

4DPO Pics

6 days PO

Since I had a drainless abdominoplasty, my surgeon put in over 50 quilting stitches, attaching my skin flap to my muscle below (thus eliminating the dead space that typically necessitates drains). She said I may feel one come loose here and there if twist suddenly but that's fine since there are so many. Well, I'm positive that I jarred one loose when I laughed suddenly on day 4. My husband made me laugh, and it immediately turned into a groan clutching my belly. It was so painful!!!! There was the general, all over pain but also a really acute pain above my right hip!! OUCH!!!!!!

Do not laugh, especially hard and suddenly like I did!!

My incision is looking good on my belly, and my belly button seems to be healing pretty well but I am feeling so fat. I'm still feeling extremely wide and round, and I'm praying I don't end up with a rounded look to my tummy after all this!

All in all, I believe if I eat really well that I will ultimately reach my goal as I do have a goal of losing 10 lbs from my pre-op. I tried with all my might to lose that 10 lbs however I was diagnosed the week prior to surgery with a hypothyroid condition that made it very difficult. I am now on medication and hopeful that an absolutely perfect diet and maintaining some activity will get me there quickly!

My left breast has begun to drop and soften quite a bit more than the right, and am I ever thankful for the reviews that made me expect that to happen!!! It's driving me a little more nuts than I thought it would.

I expected my boobs to hurt and they just don't!! The The Hall-Findlay lift method creates greater projection of the breast and long term lift effects while allowing a more natural appearance with implants over the muscle, causing less pain and loss of mobility. I like it :)

I guess I'm not in much pain anymore, just discomfort. Really looking forward to standing up straight, and to feeling smaller and tighter!

All in good time :)

I'm embarking on a Whole 30 today, zero processed foods for the next 30 days and its a perfect way for my hormones and body to gain some equilibrium after a surgery.

Happy healing ladies!!!!

6DPO pics

Shed a lot of water weight last night!!

I don't know I'd it was the ton of Arnica I tookast night (5 doses within the evening) but I had to get up to pee every 15-30 minutes for a couple of hours. I wasn't drinking any more than normal - less in fact!! I am eating super super clean with zero sodium and zero processed food starting yesterday as well. (Paleo nutrition). I'm not sure what did this I me but it made my definition start to come out!!

This morning when I woke up I was flatter than I've been yet and I saw a little bit of definition showing!!!!!

Tired of the healing stage!!!

I'm such a go-go-go type of person, with 3 kids, an online fitness business, keeping up with my own workouts and nutrition, and a hubby who works shift work. This officially sucks.

I'm so tired of not being able to pick up the baby, work out, take my kids to the park, and everything else real life entails!

It's only been one week!! I'm so hoping I'm able to walk standing straight up soon so I can at least go to the park the kiddos!!!

I'm also feeling pretty fat, so I guess it's a bad day today :(

PMSing, no wonder I was cranky!!!!

Ok, so I've been SOOOOO swollen and pretty cranky for a few days, and figured I was just emotional because of the surgery but turns out I was PMSing :-/

I'm being eating SUPER clean since my surgery and eating junk is not an option for me right now, so I ate way too much fruit last night instead of going for my sugar craving!! Glad I made the right choice and glad my symptoms over the past few days are explained!! My insane water retention should be a bit better by tomorrow :)

Now I can stop being mad at my husband because it's not fair to be when I'm not sure if I'm proportionately annoyed ;)

Going to try to go for a walk today!!!

Hope you're all feeling well and healing quickly!

10 Days Post Op

Today was a turning point for me! I was able to go for a walk, I walked (very slowly) on an incline on the treadmill for 20 minutes as well!!

I'm still walking with a slight hunch, and can't wait to stand up straight!!!!!!

I miss my workouts!!!!!

Feeling Great!!

Wish I could start working out and picking up the baby, but I'm feeling pretty fantastic otherwise!!!

I do swell quite a bit but really, my tummy is still flatter than before so I can't complain!!!! I didn't expect to look like a VS model right after major surgery but I'm happy with how I look in clothes so soon after!!

Swollen Tummy

15 days PO

I went for a short run/walk at 13 days PO and it felt great!!!! A bit of discomfort so I took it easy, but I will be going again today!!! I still take a daily nap, and can't WAIT to sleep on my side again!

3.5 weeks post op

I'm feeling like my energy is better this week, thank goodness!!!! I felt like my ass was turning to jello without my workouts!! I'm back at my workout routine, although slower and lighter weights than before, it feels great!!!

I do fade pretty quickly beginning around 2pm but each day this week was better than the last, and I didn't even need a nap today :)

I will be going back to my online fitness business full time this week, yay!!! I missed it :)

Almost back to normal!!

I'm not as energetic yet as before but I can't complain!! I'm doing almost everything I was before AMD just taking a nap every day :)

Workouts feel pretty good, but I still do swell a lot. I suppose I could have to do with the fact that I've been eating too much sodium these days.

I'm starting up my next online fitness group, and I'm excited to join myself this time around! The workout program is only 25 minutes long and it's a 10 week program so I'm pretty excited about the results all see!!

I'm ready to get to work to see some abs!!!!

Scarring looks worse on pics!!

I just wanted to say my scarring looks a lot lighter in person :)

I'm 6 weeks post and feeling fantastic!!! I'm working out hard again with FocusT25 and Crossfit and besides the swelling, I am almost back to normal!

It's been a while!!

I guess I've been getting on with LIFE!!!! I don't think about my recovery NEARLY as much as I did in the first month, that's for sure!!

I'm back at my workouts full force, although they definitely do cause additional swelling. I can deal with that, and it was definitely expected because of all the fantastic reviews I read here!! If I hadn't ready personal experiences, I would be worried about every little thing, so thank you to everyone who wrote a review!!

I do still have spitting stitches in my belly button, but my belly and boobie scars are beginning to settle and don't currently have any stitches coming out! They're still raised and red in places, but getting flat and light in others. My c-section scar was the same way, and after about a year you could barely even tell it was there!!

I uploaded a YouTube video of me getting back to some light weight cleans below....

A few pics at 8.5 weeks

Oops, pressed enter too soon, a few more pics :)

10 Things You Didn't know About Me:

Saw this on Facebook and thought it was fun!


9 Weeks Today!!

Feeling fantastic!!!! My belly is still pretty numb below the belly button, but the silicone lotion stuff seems to be lightening scars so that's great!!!

5 months post op!!

I've been busy training and with my fitness biz so it's been FOREVER since I updated!!!!

I'm doing so great!!!!!! I had a belly button revision a couple of weeks ago and it's looking g fantastic, and had a dog ear removed as well.

My surgeon has been amazing!! She has gone above and beyond to make sure I'm happy, but at the same time is point blank about what I can expect. She is awesome :)

I'm training with heavy lifting, interval training, and excellent nutrition and my body is responding. I've never had core strength like I have now :)

A few more pics!

Almost a year later...

Feeling incredible a year in!! I still have this spot on my lower belly that's numb, especially when I'm bloated :(
Banff Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon has been wonderful. I've had 6 consultations and she is the only one I've felt very comfortable with. She is very realistic and tells it like it is. I know that if anyone can help me, she can!! She's pricey, but her abdominoplasty technique is supposed to be so much easier to recover from due to the use of quilting stitches and no drains! I'll spend several days in the Banff hospital after my procedure, which is good considering I have three kids at home!

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