Hurts and Two Days Later my Teeth Are Not As White As on the Zoom Day

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Before I start my experience I want to say that i...

before I start my experience I want to say that i never had sensitive issues. the procedure took an hour consisting of four 15 minutes sessions. before each session the gel will be removed and a new one will be applied. the first session was great no pain or whatsoever. 2nd, ok but some teeth started to hurt a little. 3rd, some teeth started to hurt so bad. 4th session, i was asking myself why i'm I doing this. at the end I was in so much pain and really wanted to cry.

they gave me pain killers at the clinic and applied some gel to reduce the sensitivity. the pain lasted for the whole day and I took a lot of pain killers that night. I woke up in the morning and I had no pain or sensitivity at all but the gum was a little inflamed. the doctor recommended me to use sensitivity tooth paste 2 weeks before and after the zoom. However, my teeth are not as white as they were on the zoom day but not as discolored as before although I followed the instruction and didn't drink or eat any staining food for 48 hours. so thats is the disappointing thing about it.

I'm sorry if I scared you guys but I really wanted to put the truth out there. if you have the money try it out, maybe your teeth are not as sensitive and stubborn as mine. I kinda feel it doesn't worth it

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