Don't Do It, I Am Hideous

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I had a nose job three months ago and still cannot...

I had a nose job three months ago and still cannot breath through my nose and have to keep my mouth open all the time to breath. My mouth stays dry and I only close it to swallow. My nose is mangled. It looks like someone hit me in the nose with a bat. I want to die every day. One nostral is huge and one is almost a pinhole. It actually twists to the right. It was straight before and I just wanted a tip narrower and to have my breathing problem in the left nostral improved. I think the doctor must have disliked me and did it on purpose because it looks like he must have tried to make it look this bad.

I cry every day and have stopped looking in mirrors. I am not rich and had to save up for over five years to get this done and the worst part is the surgeon I went to won't even talk to me now. I also have a bump in the middle that goes across the bridge that wasn't there before. Why did you do this to me doctor? I wish I had my old nose back!

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