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Calling all brave souls! I finally decided to...

Calling all brave souls!

I finally decided to take a step I've been wanting to take for some time now. Honestly, if I would have come across reputable doctors produced natural results for African Americans i would have gotten the procedure done some time ago.

We are now all blessed to live in the modern age where all kinds of advancements and opportunities are available. I'm using this freedom to get a new nose - LOL!

After reviewing several doctors I narrowed my choices and made a final decision to book with Dr Boahene. I have a consultation February 24, 2016 and have paid a deposit to lock in for March 11, 2016. I'll post a few pics of his work and what my wish pics are. I don't expect him to give me a completely new nose so my wish pics will reflect the level and degree of changes I expect versus what nose I want, etc.



2 weeks post


Pics - 2 weeks post - sever swelling ????

Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon

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