29 Year Old Mother of 1 Who Lost 110lbs

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I wanted the body I have always envisioned for...

I wanted the body I have always envisioned for myself. I've always been athletic but ate like shit. I had the gastric sleeve surgery 2 years ago and it helped me lose 110lbs. After that I was left saggy and sad. I underwent a mommy makeover without lipo. My surgeon said I did not need muscle tightening but I opted to have it for my own reasons. Let me tell you first, whoever says it is not painful to have the procedure is lying. I've gone through 3 other abdominal surgeries and this by far was the worst. I do have a high tolerance for pain but this kicked my butt. I am less than a week post op at the time of this post. The pain has eased day by day but, Just be ready.

Post op day 11

The pain has gotten much better since I am able to stand more upright. I never called the surgeon or spoke to her about it. I just used a heat pack and my back massager. I did bring up a concern about my left breast being larger than the right. You and see it in the pictures. The suture line is higher too. It feels like both the implants are resting at the same height so I'm not sure why the difference. Swelling maybe? Anyways, she pretty much laughed at me and told me not to worry about it. She also taped me up and will be taking some sutures out next week. I had one drain removed. The other has to stay in a bit longer. On another note, I'm dying to work out again. I hate not being able to lift. I can feel my muscles atrophying. I will post another picture tomorrow so you and see the progress from the first.

13 days post op

Noticed some open areas where the tape is coming up. I can't see the surgeon for another week so I put bacitracin on it and will be re-taping it all. Pain is almost gone. I am pretty much able to stand totally upright now. Went for a long walk today, too. I'll take pictures when I take the tape off to see how it all looks.

Post op day 16

So every day that passes my right breast is noticeably smaller than my left. I don't know what's going on. I wish they both were the size of my left. It's getting very disappointing. I go to the surgeon again tomorrow. Hopefully she will listen to my concerns. My tape started to come off some and I saw some green drainage so I just took all of it off and cleaned the wounds. I didn't want them to get infected.


Left looks larger than right. This is related to previous post.

Pictures not uploading

21 days post op

The size of my breasts are starting to even out some. Plastic surgeon hasn't told me to do massages or anything. She re-taped them. My last drain was pulled out by accident while getting out of my car. I do have a small seroma in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen. It gets smaller by morning and gets bigger during the day. I will notify the PS. We will see if she thinks I need it drained or not. Pain is better. Mornings are the worst. Back to work tomorrow.

29 days post op

I was liking my results but now without the tape, my left breast looks almost square. I'm hoping it will settle more. It's frustrating though. Is it just me or what? It looks smaller and square right?? Anyways I saw my PS today. She said to just massage and moisturize.

8 wks and 2 days post op

Feeling really good getting back in the gym. Th simple in my right breast has disappeared which I am so happy about. The sizes have evened out now. Still numb on breasts and abdomen. It feels really weird doing push ups. I've lost all my pectoral strength. I'm just working on my scars now. I tried the silicone tape but it's such a hassle to use. I've been using bio oil for about 2-3 weeks. Haven't seen much improvement. I have a small keloid scar on the left side of my left breast which sucks. But overall I am very happy with my results.
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I will post which doctor and rating once I am a couple months post op.

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