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At 36, I can honestly say that I have tried it...

At 36, I can honestly say that I have tried it all to lose and maintain my weight - - from Jenny Craig at 17 to Physicians Weight Loss at 33, my weight has gone up and down every couple years. In fact, myresponse to people who haven't seen me in a while is "I'm like Oprah.. You never know if you will see Big Oprah or Little Oprah". LOL

But the time has come for me to stop the rhythm of my weight.. No more highs and lows..

On 4 December 2015, I started processing for Bariatric Surgery. Since I am always enrolled in a supervised weight loss program of some type, my insurance did not make me complete a 3 or 6 month supervised program through my surgeon's office. On Tuesday 22 December 2015 my surgery was approved and I am scheduled to have Gastric Bypass surgery on 27 January 2016!!!

Stay Tuned In..

A message for all of Us to remember..


Day 3 Post-op

It all happened so fast.. I only remember seeing my mom leave the prep room before they wheeled me up for surgery and then waking up in the recovery room..

The last few days in the hospital were rough but now that I am home at my mother's house, I feel a lot better..

In fact, the pain has subsided a bit and I am now taking Tylenol for a pain killer.

First Post-op Appointment

Today's Post-op appointment with Dr. A went well. My recovery is on track and in only 2 weeks, I have lost 23 lbs.

3 weeks post-RNY and 30 lbs. have said goodbye!!

6 Weeks Post-op..

6 weeks post-op and down 33% of excess body weight!! As of today, I have lost 40lbs.

Down 50lbs. in 9 weeks!!

Last week, I had my 2 month follow up and the Nutritionalist said that I was very close to reaching my 3 month weight loss goal. Today, less than a week later, I hit it!! I have lost 50lbs., which is 33% of my excess body weight!! Stay encouraged everyone!!

3 Months tomorrow and down 58 lbs.

Tomorrow will be 3 Months since I had my Gastric Bypass and 58 lbs. have said good bye forever!!

Onederland is a great place to be in!!!

I finally made it... ONEDERLAND!!!! Gastric Bypass: 01-26-2016 SW/HW: 270 CW: 199.4 In just 4 Months & 2 Weeks, 70.6 pounds out of my life!!!!! Thx Dr. A.!!!


Almost one year out and I feel pretty AWESOME!!

First 2017 Update

While my weight loss has slowed down significantly, I feel awesome and do not regret the decision to have the surgery at all. It was the best decision I have ever made despite what others said.
Baltimore Bariatric Surgeon

If his post surgery manner is anything like the consultation, I know God put me in the right hands!!

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