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Hi everyone I am a 37 year old who is looking...

Hi everyone
I am a 37 year old who is looking into doing fat transfer in my face. I have done fillers and a liquid face lift it really did not work for me because of my features. I am a Nigerian with strong features to say the least but i want to make them look softer and fuller without losing my africaness if that makes sense. I am worried and scared because of the recovery time since im a full time grad student and i have a full time job. Im unable to take off from both. I have considered fat transfer for years now but always did something else i.e fillers. I will post before and after pictures; excited and scared at the same time. If all goes well this will be a great summer if not i will be under a blanket.


Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I have done some fillers and the liquid face lift with Dr. Kane; his prices were great. I was pleased with the fillers and the liquid facelift ( Almost 1year) but it did not achieve the results i needed. As far as the fat transfer in the DC area his prices were the cheapest. Most doctors were asking for 7-8 grand. His prices included everything, the surgery, lite lipo in my stomach area to get the fat needed, the hospital fee; everything.

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