Cool Sculpting for Double Chin - Baltimore, MD

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Have had a double chin no matter how much I...

Have had a double chin no matter how much I weighed all my life, so decided to try this. I had two mini cool sculpting applications to get fat at the sides of my chin as well as in the middle (which was covered by both applications). Had to sit very still for 45 minutes for each application, which was the hardest part. No pinching and the cold didn't bother me much. The massage after hurt but not unbearable. It looked red after but no bruising. Tender to the touch and if I lower my chin the next day, but the redness went away. It's still a little swollen. Doctor was thrilled with my fat, which he said was the right kind for this treatment to work. Never had anyone wax poetic about my fat before lol! Way to early to know if it works, but so far the treatment itself and the after effects weren't too bad.

Still pretty swollen - day 4

The area is still tender and pretty swollen but less tender than before.
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