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My pre ops have been informative. I feel...

My pre ops have been informative. I feel confident, excited, anxious, much like everyone else in here. I've been wanting to post for a while but feel very nervous about sharing these pics. I've always liked my body in clothes but my abdomen hasn't been pretty in a long, long time. I'm ready for change!

8 Weeks Post Op

I love my TT. I've been very pleased with the outcome even though it has taken me longer to heal than I anticipated.
A few tips for those who may be curious:
1- I bought a lot of stuff I ended up using only a few days. I could have skipped the walker and toilet seat riser. Lots of pillows to keep you in a comfy position and a constant companion for the first week are all you need!
2- I was still draining more than most at the end of my second week. I talked the doc into removing the drain 14 days post op and ended up getting a seroma that required extra trips to the dr office to resolve. Don't be in a hurry to get your drain out.
3- You won't be able to exercise for while. I'm still just walking. Plan on eating lean and healthy, so you'll stay slim during recovery months.
4- When in doubt, call your PS. I've been in for checkups more than most people due to my seroma and a slow healing belly button. Dr. Lehockey and staff have been very attentive and professional. I'm so glad I stayed local because I feel confident in knowing I'm just a 15 minute drive from my dr if anything happens!
5- Don't compare your results or healing time to everyone else. I've read dozens of these posts and we're all unique in our healing. I'm still swollen but when I look at my before pics I know I made the right decision!
Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good. The staff is great. The doc has an impressive resume, is board certified, and has a quirky bedside manner. His work looks very good. I like that he requires his patients to be at a healthy BMI before having surgery.

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