28 Year Old Thinking of Tattoo Removal - Bakersfield, CA

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I'm looking into removing my tattoo. I am still in...

I'm looking into removing my tattoo. I am still in the research process. To be honest, I can't afford to remove it now, but time passes by fast and once I finish school (1 year) and start working; I should have money. :)
I got my tattoo when I was 15 years old. I hung around the wrong crowd in high school and my friends cousin who does tattoos happened to be in town and we both got tattoos. It's about 6 inches long, it's a lady joker on my upper chest area. I'm entering the teaching profession in the next coming years and I can't wear cute shirts because of my tattoo. So I'm pretty much in cover up clothes when I go to work.
I found realself about 2 years ago and reading some of the stories here have given me motivation to begin the research process.
I'll admit, when I first saw my tattoo at 15, it made me nervous. I didn't realize how big the tattoo was. However, motivation and praise from my friends gave me confidence to show it off. By the time I reached 21 and my high school friends and I no longer talked because we had different lives and goals in mind. I was also entering a different phase in life, I began to regret my tattoo. I couldn't enjoy my 20's because I kept looking at this huge lady joker on my chest and thinking. What was I thinking?
So here I am. I'm thankful that I found this website because it's not easy talking to someone who didn't make a tattoo mistake about your own personal tattoo regret. This community is just what I needed to find so I didn't feel as if I was the only one who made a tattoo regret.

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