A Very Bad Experience

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Background - I have light skin and dark thick body...

background - I have light skin and dark thick body hair. Once I went into the treatment room, the Dr. asked me if I had taken a med before I went there. I said no, because she had not told me anything about taking some medication before showing up. She said not to worry, it didn't really matter. Then we started on the removal of leg and bikini hair. It stung, but was bearable. By the end of the treatment, it felt like I had received a bad sunburn. When the Dr. asked me how I felt, I told her of the burn feeling. She took a block of ice, covered it in a paper towel and then rubbed my legs. After 15 minutes, she sent me home and told me to come back in 3 days for a check-up. The next morning I woke up with terrible burns and blisters forming all along my legs and bikini area. I called the Dr. as soon as she opened. She asked me to come in. When she examined me, she saw the blistering. I was prescribed cool baths 3 times a day, oatmeal paste put on the blisters once a day, Silvadine cream for nightime wear, and aquaphor ointment for daytime wear. It took over 3 months to heal all the blisters, and I have some scars along the ankle and bikini area still 3 years later.
Dr. DeSilva

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