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I am in my 20's and my naso folds were not that...

I am in my 20's and my naso folds were not that deep. The doctor (a top plastic surgeon listed on a webpage) was not good. I went to him because I was impressed by what it said about him. He put too much juvederm in one side of my cheek making my folds deeper then when they were to begin with. I got two syringes because I wanted optimal results. Well, I paid 1,100 dollars and ended up looking worse then when I started. My nasolabial folds look deeper because he was not a good doctor and put too much in my cheek, I can feel it and it is hard and lumpy underneith. Be careful who you go to, don't go to a doctor just because it says he is top notch. Some of the cheaper priced doctors may even be better. My doctor made my life miserable and he doesn't even seem to care. Worse, his secretary was rude and charged me 1800 by accident. Now I have to live with the results until it goes away. waste of hard earned money, waste of time and terrible outcome.
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