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avoid at all cost - Perth, WA

Revision Rhinoplasty

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30 Nov 2016

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avoid at all cost - Perth, WA

I had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Briggs. I ended up with a nose that looked worse than it did to start with as well as breathing problems I never had before & a perforated septum as a result of a cartilage graft taken. He and his nurses became dismissive and uninterested once it became apparent there were problems with my surgery (almost immediately after cast removal). My nose was later described by another surgeon as moderately to severely collapsed on the left side of my tip. I required a complex revision surgery for cosmetic as well as functional reasons (including a complete septal reconstruction) and this took about 4 hours. There are others that have had similar experiences to me if you do your research and look at other sites - don't be fooled by the lack of rhinoplasty reviews on here.