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Hello RS dolls! Like many I have been stalking...

Hello RS dolls! Like many I have been stalking this site for the past 3 months! I've been want a BBL "forever and a day" and decided to finally put my plan into action! Truth be told I dont even like blogging or vlogging so we know this is real lol ... Anyway a bit about myself I am 26, 5'6, 250 lbs. I dont have any children. My first choice (doctor wise) was Duran, Cortes, then Salama. I chose to go with Salama because ima scary ass to scared to go to D.R by myself and Cortes was a little futher then Salama. I like Salamas results and since hes closer SALAMA IT IS! Ive spoken with Ms. Perez but we havent made any final arrangements. Im looking to get Salamafied sometime next year preferably May but idk. Salama wants me to do my tummy tuck first (before BBL) and I am very confused as to why??!!

Well that is all for now .... I am "very" new to this so any piece of advice will be GREATLY appreciated (plz, plz help me!). One question I do have is, is there anybody out there that completely financed there procedure and if so who financed your procedure? Trying to find the lowest interest possible!
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