PROCEDURE SEASON! Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

My procedure date is approaching and I am getting...

My procedure date is approaching and I am getting nervous. I'm not nervous about the surgery itself, but the preparation itself is making me nervous. My Surgery date is Jan. 28, I booked my hotel today. The hotel is a lot more expensive then I expected. I will be traveling from out of state and want to stay the desired length of stay Dr. Salama's office suggested. I'm sure I am being anal about things because I am a health care provider but I want to be as prepared as possible. It helps that I have a friend who went to Dr. Salama so having her as a reference makes the preparation a little easier. I'll try to give as much information regarding my procedure and experience as I possibly can!

Breast lift and TT

I'm scheduled for a breast lift and tummy tuck in January with Dr. Salama. I am soo excited. I'm not nervous regarding the surgery itself. I am a little stressed regarding preparing for the surgery. I want to loose about 30 lbs prior to surgery. I'm probably being a little anal about the preparation for surgery as far as vitamins and other supplies needed post op. But I'm a healthcare provider and just can't help it, LOL. Luckily I have a friend who had a procedure done with Dr. Salama and she has been very resourceful! I will be flying in for my procedure and plan on staying the entire 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it's during peak vacation season so my hotel expense is outrageous for two weeks. That was an additional $2000 I was not expecting. I am to post pics pre and post so stay tuned!!!

TT and Breast Lift with Dr. Salama

I'm SOOO excited! 13 days until my surgery date. Everything has fallen into place. I have a friend that lives in Miami whom I will stay with for 10 days post op and I decided to utilize the driver suggested by my Doctor's office and just utilize Uber for any other commutes I need. . I will post before and after pics!


I'm 13 days post op from TT and Breast Lift with no implant. Recovery is quite the process!!! I expected to be down for a few days post op, but this has been brutal! Although I love my results, I'm not to the point where I can say this is all worth it quite yet. As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will.

day 1 post op

TIPS FOR SURGERY~Tummy tuck and Breast lift

Hello All! I watched tons of youtube videos and was on real self constantly to get as much advice as I possibly could regarding surgery. I wanted to shed some light on things that really helped me. I'm not going to list every single thing, but these are things that helped me the most

Lidocaine gel really helped me with the burning sensation that comes along with the incision from the TT. I did not apply it to my incision, but above and below.

If you do not plan to rent a hospital bed or recliner, you must have tons of pillows. The reason being is that you will not be able to lay flat at all. In addition to about 6-8 pillows I used to sleep upright, my saving grace was the neck pillows you use for traveling.

Extra pair of ted hose (compression stockings), your first pair will get bloody and have drainage so just bring an extra pair.

Slide in shoes instead of flip flops or if you like house shoes (I don't) utilize those

Try to walk as often as possible~this helps with circulation and stiffness

Lots of gauze~I ran out and I brought a lot with me

Prunes, suppository, fiber FIBER FIBER!!!!!!~the constipation is REAL, you physically cannot bear down due to your abdominal muscles being so weak post op. I was constipated twice and twice I was in tears. I was on top of taking stool softeners and senna, but I still ended up constipated.

EAT! I ended up very dehydrated due to lack of oral intake. You will not have an appetite. I'm 13 days post op and still barely have an appetite. I do not like to drink Gatorade or powerade, if you do stock up and drink tons of it post op. I did purchase water that had electrolytes and that was high in pH.

I utilized the driver offered by my Physician. It had its pros and cons but he has a mini-van which was easier to get in and out of versus a car. He was very mindful of driving over speed bumps!!

Bring at least 2 robes or a robe and a duster. Sundresses, easy clothing to put on. You will not be able to bend over.

If you have any questions ASK AWAY!

2 weeks Post Op

Today is a lot better! I was so scared to get the garment put on but OMG!!! It's sooo much better then the abdominal binder! My mom and I went for a long walk this am! I've very edematous. My belly now feels like a water bed, LOL. But I've been trying to walk a lot to get some of the edema to go down. I'm still not sure if I will be able to go to work next week.

Trade Surgery Dates!!!

I have a May 26 appointment and I'm looking to trade with someone for a June or July appointment.

3 weeks post op

Unfortunately I have a lot of lower extremity edema. I am staying mobile and when I'm not I elevate my legs and wear compression stockings. It's frustrating but I'm praying it will improve.

Constipation prevention

6 weeks posts op

I've switched to a steel corset to help with the edema in my lower abdomen and vagina. I'm feel great. Aches here and there but nothing that isn't tolerable. I'm clear to hit the gym hard again (except intense ab workouts) so I'm excited. I'm loving my results!

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