PERMALIP Implants with Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

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Hello ladies! I am somewhat of a RealSelf veteran,...

Hello ladies! I am somewhat of a RealSelf veteran, as I wrote a rather detailed review about my Brazilian buttlift experience. I will later figure out a way to link that review to this one (sorry I am technologically challenged). Anyhow, I have always wanted slightly fuller lips. About six months ago I decided to try lip injections for the first time. I was rather worried about the results, as the last thing I wanted was the obvious "duck" face. I already have full lips, so I kept telling the doctor to please be conservative. I was shocked, I used a whole syringe and I gotta say, the results were awesome yet rather subtle. However, very quickly I began to see my lips deflating. I simply cannot afford paying $500 every three to four months for lips, that's just absurd! So, I did my research and found the permalips. I love the natural looking yet "permanent" results. I am excited to move forward with this procedure. I had an amazing experience with Dr. Salama with my BBL, so I am staying loyal to him. I'll keep you guys posted. Lots of love!

Here is the review for my buttlift

Before Pics

Ladies, any suggestions on the size? I'm debating between 4 or 5.
Dr. Moises Salama

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