5 Ft and 100 Lbs Getting Butt Implants and Fat Grafting - Aventura, FL

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Hello I'm 5ft and weigh 100 lbs so way too small...

Hello I'm 5ft and weigh 100 lbs so way too small for a BBL. My story would be different due to me being really petite so I'm unable to just get a BBL alone. I have no type of ass at all :( I've been creeping on RS for quite some time now and I must say I learn something new every time. I just got my quote from Dr. Salama for $11,500 the price includes the BBL abdomen, flanks, upper&lower back. The surgery package also covers the surgery fee, anesthesia fee, 2 compression garments, 2 post operative massages, and the 2 buttock implants.

My mind is somewhat set on Salama but the next available date for surgery is around April of 2015 :( which is like a year from now. I already have half of the money for the surgery and planning to pay off the rest in cash when I get there since I'm able to save 7% if I pay in cash.

I know of a few ladies who have gotten their implants done by Salama and they all look sooo nice!! I love the projection and shape. I'm just concerned that mine may not come out the way I want it to. I want the biggest possible ass for my frame and height lol I was hoping at least 360 cc's plus some fat. He did mention I should at least gain 10 more lbs prior to surgery. Its really hard for me to gain weight cause I'm very athletic and I do competitive dance (ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop etc. ...) I teach here and there too so if any of you ladies need some dance lessons let me know lol also, I have a fast metabolism so gaining weight is really hard for me and if I do, it goes to my face! Ugh. To top it all of, I'm Asian so I'm not quite blessed with the ultimate derrière lmao although some Asian hunnays got a lil sum sum back there too :) I'm just on the other hand, FLAT.

So I was hoping to meet some RS sisters and learn more. Any advice will be well appreciated. Also if anybody has had implants by salama or know of someone who's had em, please comment below if you may. I've seen Angel87, MissMia and BellaXoXo and love all of their results!!

Deposit submitted!

Just put my deposit down to reserve my surgery date! So excited but more nervous. I can't believe I'm actually moving forward towards what I've been wanting. It is now official :) April 21st 2015 it still may be moved for an earlier date. Just need to let Cynthia know once I gain about 10 lbs and actually keep it. Oh man it's so hard for me to gain weight. Any tips on gaining healthy weight? I'm a dancer and I'll burn it off quickly. Either way our body will always burn fat. I just don't know how I'd be able to keep the weight.

Also, I'm planning on staying out in Florida close to salama for about a month. Does anybody know of any condos that are affordable and not far from his office? I believe it will be cheaper that way oppose to staying at a hotel for 30 days lol

Before pics ughhhh!

Hey sisters! I have not been able to log on here for a while since I've been SUPER busy! Plus we just had a tragedy in my BFs side of the family and his fam is my fam lol you know what I mean. No luck at all with the weight gain :( I've been dancing non stop and just not able to eat a lot. I'm honestly feeling a lil hopeless my surgery is not until April of next year but it's creeping up fast. I really want the biggest and roundest butt possible for my frame. Tell my why my freaking bf told me I have a 12 yr old body :( he didn't mean it in a bad way either but I kinda took it to the heart.. I'm tired of the petite sh*t ! Lordt I need some type of curves!

But anyways, here are some before photos. As you can see I'm flat as a pancake :(


So I just talked to Cynthia and she informed me that Dr. Salama is currently not doing butt implants due to risks and complications that past patients are having. All his girls that were scheduled for butt implants this month and next month had enough fat for a BBL so I guess he just recommended that that's what they do. I'm halfway through my payments and I'm really contemplating now. Cynthia said Salama still might reconsider to do mine since I'm very petite and have no fat at all plus my surgery is not til April. She said that he's done this before decided not to do butt implants then decided to do them again.. Hhmmm weird right? But I already know it's cause of the high risks it comes with. So Cynthia said I should wait it out and see what dr salama says. I want both my boobs and booty done. But i at least want one of em done by the time I'm 21. So if he's not doing em I can just use that money to get my boobs done first. At least I can do that locally. But idk I'm just really sad and disappointed but I can't blame him he's a professional at what he does so I trust he knows what he's doing. I'll just wait for now. ugghhhhh

I think I want a BBL

I wanted a BBL to begin with but I'm so small. Now that Salama is on "pause" with the implants, I am looking at other doctors who have performed this procedure many times and have outstanding post op care for their patients.

Also, I'm wondering if you ladies think I can really gain weight. I'm Asian, 5ft 100lbs very athletic. I'm actually not teaching dance nor am I training at this point so I find it convenient to gain weight. I might as well right? I have a fast metabolism. Like crazy fast. I haven't taken weight gaining as serious due to me training and such. I was a chubby kid then everything melted off when I hit puberty o__O if anybody is my size or close to my size and was able to gain a lot of weight I would be happy and thrilled to hear from you..

Lost 2 lbs :(

I am now 98 lbs feeling really hopeless. I know a lot of you ladies are really trying their best to lose weight but I'm just feeling hopeless and depressed that I'm too thin to even get this done. Meanwhile, I'm looking at dr. Jimmerson for his but implants and how his post op care is looking. I noticed, the implant girls from salama are getting these "rare bacteria infections" and I've heard he doesn't have much experience with implants post op so he doesn't quite know what to do once these complications take place and once he acts on it, it's already too late. I'm sure he's a good doctor I'm not bashing his reputation or anything cause he does have a lot of sexy phat bootys walking this earth lol just be really thorough with your research ladies. I think he does implants great just lack in post op care. Switching my mind between implants and BBL sorry I'm all over the place lol

Considering Dr. Ryan Stanton in Beverly Hills

So I've been doing some research and it looks like Dr. Stanton has performed butt implant surgery more than any other surgeon that I've came across (not a lot of them do this procedure anyway) plus I haven't seen any bad butt implant surgery about him unlike salama. It's also convenient since I'm in vegas and Beverly Hills is drivable. I don't mind traveling far or spending more. I'm not gonna cheap out on this surgery. I just want the best for me. I'm going to give his office a call tomorrow and ask for a quote. I tried calling today but they're closed on the weekends so yeah lol.


I'm sorry but I can't help but notice how unhappy I am with the way I look. There's a huge possibility that I may not even be able to do this surgery cause I just can't find the right surgeon. My mind and heart was set on salama but these infections that his past butt implant patients are having are giving me the bubble guts lol I'm just a nervous wreck. I am well aware that such procedure comes with a higher risk of infection but damn that's what, 4 or 5 girls already? I just don't wanna risk it. Stanton is waaaaayyy too expensive. I don't wanna go out of the country. Widder does em on top of the muscle and has some bad reviews too. Idk man. To top it all of, my bf keeps talking and flirting with these bitches via social media and I hate to say it but they look GGOOOOOOODDD video vixen bodies, gorgeous faces. I know it's petty but I've always been so insecure of myself. I remember we went to Universal studios and I was talking to him and I notice him stare off at something behind me literally not paying attention to what I was saying til I turned around and noticed he's been checking out this chick with a nice ass body, big ass nice tits. Its a guy thing I know. But shit I just wanna feel like I'm the fairest of em all at least in my own lil world lol I wanna feel the confidence that these ladies on here who've gotten their surgeries done.. Idk I apologize. It's just that my friends think I'm stupid for even considering surgery on my body. So I can't really vent to them. I have you ladies so...... Why not. I do apologize for a non sense update. Still not giving up on this ass though!


I just spoke to Cynthia last week and cancelled my procedure. I told her that I wanted all of my money back and she said that it will take 3-4 weeks for it to be taken cared of since it has to go through their accounting department. I said I wanted ALL of my money back and she said that the deposit is non refundable. I know it's non refundable BUT if Dr. Salama himself isn't even doing the procedure anymore and mind the fact that the deposit was to hold my surgery date and my sx wasn't til April, I've given them notice 7 months ahead of time that I will no longer be going to him. So if the surgeon himself isn't even comfortable in performing this procedure WHY are they keeping my deposit? I understand that it was non refundable BUT I also just learned that a girl on here who was scheduled to get butt implants with him got her deposit back?!! Wtf?!! This is WRONG. They said that they will "pass" my issue to admin. I have not gotten an email nor a call back from anybody. I am $5k into this including my deposit. I am waiting for a response but I do not have a good vibe about this at all. Oh! And the charges were on my debit card that recently expired I told Cynthia that I have a new card and the old one no longer exists anymore since it's expired and she tells me "Well idk how we're gonna do that cause we can only refund the money to the same card it was taken from" like wtf you mean?! It's the same account just a different card. I'm gonna give them the benefit of a doubt that they know what they're doing. Meanwhile I'm looking into hiring a lawyer and potentially file a law suit if they decide not to give me ALL of my money back. It's just unfair. Ladies, be VERY CAREFUL with who you trust with your body and also your funds. Its different with everybody and I am well aware that. I just don't appreciate being taken advantage especially if it's financially people don't just shit out money. Most importantly, it's wrong and unfair.

Stanton recommends implants with NO fat grafting?

So I spoke to his receptionist and she mentioned that he doesn't do fat grafting but I just read in one of his comments to answer a question on here that he does both implants and fat grafting. I'm confused? I noticed that all the Stanton dolls on here only got implants no fat transfer.. Although some didn't have sufficient fat to begin with but i remember coming across someone's profile who went to him and she had implants and lipo to her flanks but didn't transer the fat to her hips or buttocks.. I really want an hourglass shape with a nice round booty and great projection. I emailed them my before and afters, questions, desires etc. and still haven't wrote me back :( it's been 2 weeks. Is anybody on here a Stanton doll who have had both implants and fat grafting done? Or know of someone that went to him who had both?


I've been waiting for a damn month for my refund and still nothing. They told me that they were gonna make "a note" of my issue and let Ruben know and they will contact me. It's been a fucking month. I called again earlier today and the receptionist (forgot her name) said the Ruben was gonna be in the office within 30 mins and he should give me a call and I waited.. 2 hours later, I called again and now this receptionist named Karen answered and said that he hasn't been at the office at all. That just tells me that they've been duckin and dodging me. They have my $5000 and they haven't refunded not one cent to me! What a fraud! Karen said that she'll "mention" my case to Ruben tomorrow. Wtf. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!! so I then said that he better call me otherwise I'm going to report them to the Better Business Beurue and have a lawsuit in their hands. This is wrong!! Not only that this surgeon's patients have been getting infections from his implants but his staff is the total OPPOSITE of professional not to mention lack in communication.

Jimerson butt implant dolls??

Has anybody gone to jimerson for BUTT IMPLANTS? I found one RS sister who went to him for her implants and she looks great! Her name is themagic but other than her, I haven't really found anybody else who went to him for implants.. Ugh looking at Dr. J and Stanton.... maybe Gongora but I doubt it lol just keeping an open mind.
Meanwhile..... I'm waiting for Salama's staff to return all of my damn money. This is so frustrating.

Smith or Stanton???!

Hey dolls! I found out that there is a surgeon here in Vegas that does butt implants good too. Dr Lane Smith. His before and after pics are good and he actually has a section for butt implants.. check his website out smithsurgery.com I believe I read one review on here and it mentioned that he didn't do fat grafting along with implants but I just called their office for a quote and its $8,500 just for implants Stanton was $9,500 for implants. Stanton doesn't do fat grafting with implants. So I asked if Smith did and the receptionist said he does. (She also mentioned that she was new) so I'll have to ask my questions during consult this Thursday. I'm very spongebob looking squared figure no hips and my upper body is bigger compared to my lower body lol so im really hoping I can get some hips and a tiny waist out of this as well..

Consult w/ Smith today..

Just up not able to sleep over thinking things lol I have a consult with Dr Smith this afternoon. I'm hoping to hear some good things cause I'm just tired reading and going back and forth about who to go to. Research and patience is key so I just have to keep pushing. It'll be worth it.

Had my consult w/ Dr. Smith

So I just had my consult with dr smith this afternoon and it went ok. I felt the implants and they felt firm. I was able to squeeze em still and they were the soft solid silicone that doesn't rupture. The size I felt was a large 340 CCs I think? I'm a petite girl so I thought that was a good size. I then asked him what size he would use on me and he said 290 ccs and my heart kinda sank :( i honestly feel like it's not gonna make a difference. I was really hoping that I could get 360 ccs plus some fat but I can't even have 300 ccs that's fucking sad.. But I guess I'm just THAT small. He also does em under the muscle and I'm a little scared about the implant pushing on the sciatic nerve. He also mentioned that BBL could be an option for me and if I was to consider doing both implants and BBL I should do the BBL first see how I like it then come back for implants if I'm still not satisfied. But that's two separate procedures and two separate payments.. Uh no. I'd rather have everything done all at once I'm nervous as it is. I've never been under the knife ever so I'm just scared as hell lol more nervous but you know what I mean. I said that 290 ccs may not be enough for me and I showed him my wish pic which was Angel87's booty since her and I are the same exact weight and height. She had 360 ccs plus some 300 some ccs of fat in each cheek. And smith said that her and I aren't the same and that she has bigger thighs than me.. I know her and I are different people but our before photos look very close. I was unhappy when he mentioned 290 ccs implant and I said that I want bigger then my bf jumps in the conversation and says "I just don't want her to look crazy" and dr smith was like "well apparently she does.. " I got offended when he said that. Like excuse me? I don't wanna look crazy I just simply have before and afters of people who are of the same height and weight as me and was stating that i wanted something bigger than a 290 ccs implant.
As far as quotes, it's $8,600 just for the implants and an additional $2,200 for lipo of my flanks and another $1,900 to inject the fat to my butt. I can get it done in January if I choose to. Just have to come up with the rest of the money. It's convenient since I live in Vegas so I don't have to pay for flights, hotel, none of that. I asked him about his complication rate and he said that so far, he's had a few who got infected (like 2 I think) but we're always cured with IV antibiotics and the implants were still good and now they're cured. So far, he's only had one case of infection where the implant needed to be removed but she also was a smoker & wasn't wuite following instructions post op.. It is imperative that we are just as careful and clean and be able to follow doctors instructions post op otherwise, our results won't be what we wished for.

Sad and discouraged

I was suppose to get my sx done this month with Salama but as we all know he stopped doing butt implants. I'm feeling a lil discouraged cause I haven't chose THE doctor for me just yet. I plan on getting it done by the end of summer. I'm kinda leaning towards Gongora but I'm just scared having to go to Mexico. What if I have some type of complication and my doctor is in another country -__- He has more good reviews than bad I just don't like how he lacks post op care at times. As far as his successful butt implant patients, they all look great! Then there's Dr Smith here in Vegas who performs butt implant surgery on a regular basis. His credentials are good and so are the before and after photos on his website but I do feel like the 290 cc's he suggested during my consult wont do me any good and I won't be happy with it. Dr. Stanton doesn't do fat grafting with implants. Side note: during my consult with Smith, For fat transfer to buttocks, he mentioned that fat doesnt just melt away like how other doctors say but the fat cells shrink if you loose weight. Hhmm what do you guys think? I've read a lot of BBL reviews who were very unsatisfied a year later saying "the fat melt away" and are now opting for implants.. So idk lol just thought I'd mention it.

Anybody who have gone to Gongora recently? Where can I find his info? Email, tel # etc.?

Also, for those who had cohesive gel silicone butt implants, do you guys know if they need to be replaced sometime in the future? I'm wondering since there's always a chance of them rupturing.

Leaning towards Gongora

Just got my quote from Gongora and man did he raise his prices! Lol I was originally quoted $9,500 for butt implants and lipo on flanks and back (no abs) but I told Jessica that I have very lil fat and it's all on my lower abdomen. She emailed me back saying Dr G agreed to lipo my abs for an additional $1,000 since I'm young, healthy and haven't had kids. Total of $10,500 and that doesn't even include the meds -___- which would prolly be around $400

I was hoping to stay in Mexico until I get my drains off so I wouldn't have to fly back and forth. Can you ladies recommend any good CLEAN hotels to stay in for 2 weeks? I've never been to Mexico and don't speak Spanish so I'll def need all the help I can get. Also, I would need a donut pillow. Where can I get it from?
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