Proof Post Op Instructions are SO Important - 1400cc - Salama

I'm currently scheduled for a pre-op appointment...

I'm currently scheduled for a pre-op appointment on January 12 and my surgery will be on the 13th with Dr Salama. A little background information: I'm 18 years old (just a baby, I know!) and relatively on my own as far as researching, preparation, financing, etc goes. I've been researching this procedure for about a year now and finally took the initiative to reach out and call some doctors. After contacting a few, I decided on Salama. I find that his results are very promising and I like how he can provide both natural and dramatic results. Thanks to the lovely Nancy, I was able to squeeze me in to January (during a school break) due to a prior rescheduling, otherwise I would have had to wait until August 2014.. I can't imagine, as the anticipation is already killing me. :P

I still have so much to do: receive the preparation packet, actually purchase the supplies, find cheaper hotel options, etc. It's overwhelming, as I don't have support from my mother nor my father... We'll see.

I'll upload pre-op pictures within the next month and definitely keep you guys updated post-op!

2 Month Pre Op

Here are some pre-op pictures. I plan to lose about 10 lbs before my sx which does go against Salama's suggestion (to gain 5-7 lbs, which I did) but I would feel much more confident going into surgery thinner ... with added inner lipo i'm sure he'll still be able to give me juicy shape :)

Wish Pictures

exactly 1 week

ahhh exactly a week left until my sx!! I have support from my mother now which is amazing. she'll be staying with me in miami while i recover. I'm still looking for cheaper hotels in the area but they all seem hella expensive ..

I'm trying to get a list together for post op care so MUST NEED suggestions would be much loved ?

the big dayy

my sx is today @ 10:30 !! I've never been so overweight in my entire life so I'm ready for him to take some of this belly out :) unfortunately my legs got a lot chubbier as well but i can just tone those up once I'm healed ... my mom took my measurements for me

pre op measurements :
chest: 39
waist(smallest part): 31 1/2
hips/butt: 41

height: 5'6
weight: ??

on the other side

okay where do i start ...
went in and they were ahead of schedule which was great. dr salama was very serious but kind. he said i had a short square butt so he wasnt sure how much he could fit in. i was hoping for 1100-1200 cc's per side but he actually got in ...

1400!! ahh :D

it's been a struggle bc i had to walk several blocks with my drains in a very busy street in south beach right after sx. i tried to stay strong for my mom but as soon as i got to the hotel and she left i burst out crying everything hurt so bad. i also feel like I'm losing too much blood ... what's a normal amount? I've had to change them about 6 times since 4:45.
I'll post pix tm or te day after !!

Soo Sore

Officially 1 day post op!! Not going to lie, yesterday was really rough... especially since my mom hates blood and stuff so I did most everything on my own haha. She did get me some food and lots of Gatorade and water which was nice :)
i seriously woke up every hour to pee and emptied drains a few times. also (tmi) i got really dizzy and peed all over myself before i could make it to the bathroom :( so embarrassing i feel bad for salama having to see all this today.

i have a butt out garment which is so uncomfortable ugh .. and my bum is so sensitive it hurts to move the thong part. oh well i have an appointment at 1 today I'll update you guys later ?

Pictures - so swollen

I'm so swollen... my whole body is like the Michelin tire man, esp my face and butt/tummy. went and got gauze removed and a tshirt under my garment. the nurse gave me butt gauze pads which do help some. scheduled for Thursday with my first massage, so nervous !!

Day 2 Post Op

No energy and very tired. Still in so much pain even with 2 percs; tried to take off my garment to shower but it hurt my butt way too much .. idk how I'm going to make it through tomorrow

swelling on my waist/stomach has gone down but my butt is still huge and very hard.
trying to stay positive :)

pix , still swollen

New Garment and Massage

hi guys !! so i had my first massage with eilyeen today and wow it hurt SO bad ... i forgot to take my neurontin that Dr S prescribed for me beforehand (burning sensation on my skin bc irritated nerves instead of the numb-y feel most people have) and did i regret that LOL. i had tears rolling down my face but eilyeen was very sweet and kept saying i was a strong baby and not to cry ... it's funny, everyone in the office refers to me as "baby" or "the baby" haha :D it's sweet

anyways i feel SO much better after the massage; thank god. i really hope the others won't be as painful though ..

i switched from a 2XL garment to XL with tons of foam so i feel like a freakin linebacker. swelling is going down tons though :) ill post more pix later this week or next.

much love ?

Haven't had a BM :(

I need your help guys ... i had my sx Monday and i still haven't had a bowel movement, it's so uncomfortable and worrying me. i take the colace 2x a day and still no luck. should i try laxatives or is there something more natural ?

Over With The Hardest Week

yayyy I'm 1 day away from being a week post op !! I'll make a detailed update probably tomorrow or Tuesday with some advice/tips i learned over the week to help you guys out :)

yesterday and today i started making a goal to walk a mile a day. it's kind of embarrassing to have this big stiff madea booty walking around South Beach, people stare a lot and I've heard a lot of catty comments but whatever :D
also had my first BM FINALLY and good lord yall i think i finally found something more painful than the massages ... PLEASE TAKE YOUR COLACE RELIGIOUSLY AND LOTS OF FIBER you will regret it if you don't ... lmao :(

thank you guys for all the helpful comments , like my second mommas ?

Pre-Op and Surgery Day

Okay, so I'm home safe and sound and back on my laptop which makes writing reviews so much easier/quicker. Here's what happened on my pre op appointment and surgery day:

Pre Op: was on a Sunday evening, so the office building was closed. It seems really sketchy but I promise you'll be ok if you end up pre opping on a Sunday. I was given the code to get in the building, went up, met Reuben and signed countless papers. Mostly legal stuff but was also told what to expect and about my medications. He was really laid back and nice and it was over pretty quickly.

Surgery Day: My sx was supposed to be at 10:30 but I got a call that if I got there at 10 we could start early. I first met with Alex, the anesthesiologist. He asked me a bunch of medical/health questions and basically told me what to expect. Then I changed into a paper surgical outfit and peed for a pregnancy test. Dr Salama came in and he was serious but really nice. Marked me up and said because I have a short, square butt he wasn't sure how much he could get in. He got in 1400 cc. He said he wouldn't do too much lipo on my belly/abdomen but mostly on my sides/flanks (where I gain most of my weight). I was perfectly ok with this. I gave him free reign to shape me how he wanted, just said I want a much bigger butt and curvy hips.
Went into the OR and they immediately laid me down and gave me anesthesia. I was kind of surprised haha and they asked me what kind of music I wanted to play and I said African (idek) then it was lights out .... LOL.

Woke up on my back, which kind of pissed me off so I immediately demanded the nurse help turn me on my belly. Called my mom and was wheeled out on a boppy pillow. :) The pain for the first 1-3 days is serious, please be prepared!! After that it's mostly soreness/stiffness that gets tiresome after a while.

quick question

when does the booty usually start to get soft? I'm already sick of the hardness haha :/

Tips for First Week

1. Make SURE to get a female urinal. Get a little plastic bag to keep it in to put in your purse or backpack for outings as well.

2. Take stool softeners and get adequate fiber as soon as you get out of sx and I'd recommend the day before too. I didn't do this and I still have trouble with BM.

3. If you have drains, clean around it twice a day. I slacked on my front drain and only cleaned it once a day and now I have an infection (thankfully not too serious so far). PLEASE be careful.

4. If you're getting a hotel, check the area. My mother and I booked a hotel in South Beach without seeing where it was and I ended up having to walk several blocks to the garage where our car was from the hotel. When you're sore and stiff and swollen it is NOT fun.

5. Force yourself to eat/drink. I didn't the first day and I felt 20x worse then I should have. It really does help.

6. Take a probiotic if you're on lots of antibiotics. People can get really ill if they don't balance it.

7. The first day or two at least, wake yourself up or have someone wake you to walk around every few hours. You'll get very stiff if you don't.

8. POSITIVE THINKING!! This surgery is REALLY hard on you mentally in my opinion. It's easy to succumb to negative thoughts and get in a rut, so just remember how wonderful you'll look after it's over. :)

Also, here's pictures of me today. It seems like my booty shrunk overnight, it's a LOT less swollen. I'm a little bloated though because period :x

Sorry for my Absence

Hey guys,

sorry for not updating so much. I've been receiving quite a bit of negative feedback from peers/family (which I expected, being young) and in return have been viewing my results negatively as well. Don't get me wrong, I already look 100% better but I just have the blues y'know? I didn't want to post b*tching and whining so just took a quick break.
I've been getting Lymphatic massages from a local masseuse. She uses lavender oil and is more gentle than Eilyeen and Celia but still applies decent pressure. I think it's perfect and my swelling does go down. She also VERY lightly massages my bum, which I know is a big no-no but honestly she's so gentle she doesn't do any damage. My booty has also softened quite a bit (no major volume loss either) since she's done it. :)

I switched from my XL stage 2 garment with foams to a Vedette 136 in large. It fits snug but I easily could have gone smaller, I'm just paranoid about getting garments too small in the bum area ahh. I'll probably order a medium in it tomorrow though, the 136 I L O V E.

I have not been on my boppy at all except for my massages. My bruising has gone down drastically since week 1 and so has my swelling; I'm actually pretty happy with my bum right now. I hope it doesn't got down too much more.

Umm nothing else too new!! OH except most people in public freak out about my bum still ... stare OBNOXIOUSLY. I don't think my body is nearly as good as it could be so I get really self conscious but my friend says it's because "that is an ASS" haha hopefully that's it.

just as a note, I have scoliosis so that's why my hips may appear uneven in front/back pictures, that's definitely because of MY body, not Salama :)

Measurements as of now:

Chest - 39
Waist - 29
Bum - 44 1/2

The Ab Board

Hi guys! :)

This past week I've been feeling much better. Still get hate but what do you expect from high school/college girls? I've started working out at the gym/walking twice a day. Morning - gym where I do the treadmill (walking)/do light weights for 15-30 mins (some days I still get tired very easily, not sure if it's just a mental thing or still healing??) and then go for a 30 min - 1 hour walk in the evening. I used to be VERY in shape, abs and legs of steel, so I'm aching to get back to that. :) Not overdoing it though.

I still get massages 1-2x a week plus I massage my belly, flanks etc in the shower. They're very relaxing now, I love it and really do see a difference in swelling each time.

Now, the AB BOARD. In my first picture you'll see I did not wear it up until 2 days ago because it just seemed so uncomfortable and not worth it. I was kinda lumpy/swollen (also in that picture I had my garment off for a few hours, never doing that again). After just 2 DAYS wearing the ab board you will see a major difference. Same with sodium intake; when I'm not careful, my face and feet get swollen the next day.

Quick Question

When is it okay to start wearing jeggings? and normal jeans? I've been living in leggings
Also, when did you start sleeping on your back?

I'll have a detailed update with pictures by next week. have a beautiful valentines day !

Losing Volume

First, I'm on my phone so i apologize for any typos or oversized pictures :)

I'm on week 6 now! I've started sitting on my boppy pillow last week and i sit without one in public but i apply most of my pressure on my thighs forward in the seat so it hardly does anything to my bum.

my left cheek has softened a lot and my right is getting there but still pretty stiff. I've noticed my bum has gone down in size but i refuse to take measurements because I know I'd get OCD about it, haha. my mom and friend keep saying its still nice and big but i guess its a mental thing, i feel like it's average now. cant wait for fluffing within the next 4 weeks !! also, it took a LONG time but i found jeans that kinda fit.. haha. it's hard when you have a 27 inch waist and a 44-45 inch butt/hips. they're a bit snug on the ass so I'll probably wait another two weeks or so just to be safe.

ladies, if you're shy/quiet like me, get ready. i don't want to sound cocky or arrogant but i get stares/hit on pretty much everywhere i go in public. ALL of you will get the same reactions, trust me! if you're considering having this procedure or in the tough healing stages just think of how beautiful you'll look on the outside to reflect how wonderful you all are on the inside.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is very professional and produces amazing BBL results. I love the shape he has given me; he truly is an artist. Calm, kind and quick to respond. Elite Plastic Surgery staff members were all very polite and on their A game as well. The only "complaint" I would have is that Dr. S is too busy!! He works himself to death and therefore doesn't have as much time to follow up on patients post sx (I didn't see him for almost a week). Also, the wait times can be a bit much... but overall EPS is WONDERFUL and I would 100% recommend anyone wanting a BBL, or any plastic surgery for that matter, to Dr. Salama.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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