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Hello all!!! , i been part of this community for a...

hello all!!! , i been part of this community for a few years now but never really wanted to tell my story till i knew there was a silver lining coming... well heres hoping. so heres my story... I'm a 29 y/o female who had her 1st Tummy tuck at 19. So for my tummy tuck i went with Dr Nachman Rosenfeld who practices out of NJ/NY. I went with him because i was young and didn't do my research as much as i should've. all my life I've been overweight and at 19 i had lost about 80lbs and had a part of my stomach that was hanging, hence the tummy tuck. i wish i had pictures from back then but it was so long ago that they aren't around anymore. i would say the tummy tuck did its job minimally. he left me with a lumpy stomach because according to him, there was too much fat to make it flat, gave me an incision that went all the way around my back and it was thick as hell and gave me absolutely no shape. still looked like spongebob squarepants. after much arguing, he decided to do a scar revision at no charge which only made the incision longer and thinner.... i got over it and moved on with my life up until 2012.... in JAN 2012 i decided out of nowhere to get my butt bigger. this is when i first started researching dr salama and wanted him to be my surgeon. my friend and i both put a deposit down and had our dates 2 days apart.. i was july 5th 2012. unfortunately my plans didn't go as i wanted to and i ended up not getting it done because my grandmother passed away and i couldn't afford it anymore after having traveled to my country and had a bunch of expenses.... so a few months down the road, i found some dr by the name of Gabay from PA.. his price was pretty low and he had no reviews except one woman who he seemed to have done a decent job on.. since his price was cheaper and he was closer than FL (I'm from NJ), i decided to go for a consultation. at consultation i had showed him pictures of my "dream butt" and not once did he hesitate about what he could do for me. he was confident the whole time about what my results would be. after the surgery, i felt disappointed immediately because you couldn't tell the difference but i gave the benefit of the doubt and figured maybe if i wait a few days,take off he dressings, etc, it would get better..... it never did. my butt remained flat and i was down $5500... i even went to get a girdle to put on with my supposedly "new butt" and the sales lady asked me if the surgery i had done was fat taken OUT of my butt. after much stipulation ,i ended up getting back half of my money back from the dr and paid him basically to put me to sleep.. DO NOT GO TO DR GABAY. he's a D.O, NOT A PLASTIC SURGEON. .. after much depression and counseling, i started looking into getting my butt done "again". i booked my sx w/ Dr Salama back in FEBRUARY for a date in August. I was put on the waitlist and now my sx is officially booked for JULY 29th... a WEEK AWAY!! =) Im so effin nervous. not so much because of the surgery but because of the results. I've had 3 surgeries and have been unhappy with shitty results all 3 times so i really need this one to go my way... thanks for reading my story guys. i needed to vent and hopefully find a support system here. i don't have pictures from back then but ill post before and after soon ..

3 days away... BIG BOOTY HERE I COME LOL

So tonight I'm leaving jersey on my way to make my way down south for hopefully my new bangin body lol (god willing). I'm EXTREMELY nervous, moreso than my other past surgeries. Idk if it's because this is my deciding factor of surgeries or because it's such a long road trip (18+ hours). Normally I'm already an anxious person but I thought my excitement would outweigh my anxiety but it hasn't yet. I'm leaving a day early to give myself some leeway but if anyone can offer me some advice and tell me how awesome their experience was, I'd appreciate it lol. Also can anyone tell me how long the surgery is in itself, I kno dr Salama told me and will explain again but I jus need to fix my head around to mentally prepare.. Anyways. I'll post pics before the surgery! Wish me luck dolls!


So my sx is 2 days away and I go for preop tomorrow. I kno dr salamas staff can probably help locate a massage lady while I'm in Florida but anyone from jersey know of any for when I'm back???


Today's the day dolls! My preop is in one hour and then sx right after! Wish me luck !


Hello there dolls! Haven't been on since Friday when I had my sx. I'm not gonna lie, this pain is no joke. First three days have been hell. I thought people might have been exaggerating but that's an understatement. It really does feel like I got hit by a truck and well I take pain pretty well usually. Had my post op with dr Salama a day after surgery and actually had to postpone from morning to afternoon appointment because I kept feeling like I was gonna pass out every time I got up. Needless to say, Dr Salama was waiting for me downstairs of his office with a wheelchair and was very attentive the whole time. His whole staff is amazing. They absolutely calmed me down before and after surgery. Their bedside manners are above and beyond. As far as my updates, I pee every 30 minutes, been eating just as much. Please make sure to get lots of fluid and protein in ladies, there was a few times I felt like passing out from lack of eating. At least for the first week. I also wanted to mention I opted for the CELL SAVER BLOOD thingie (not the medical term lol. I don't recall the exact name but if you mention it, I'm sure they'll know what you mean. I think without it, the recovery process might've been a lot harder. Today I wasn't in so much pain but more uncomfortable-ness. I finally took a shower today because I had a bit more strength than the last few days but still s little weak nonetheless. To be honest, I never really worried because I had all their phone #'s and they all responded within the first phone call. Tomorrow morning I go in for my first massage and not looking forward to it as I've heard it's painful but I've survived the first few days, I hope I'll be fine. Anyways dolls, I'll keep you posted. Haven't had a chance to take pictures because my hotel room actually doesn't have a full length mirror lol. I'll make sure to take some in the office tomorrow!

1st massage

Well today was massage day and it was no joke. Everyone who tells you it hurts is NOT LYING. Hurts like hell but it definitely needs to be done. Definitely helps with the draining and the lumpiness. Today I got a glimpse of what I looked like for the first time seeing as how I don't have a full length at the hotel, and I don't know how I feel yet. Maybe I'm still too swollen to be excited. I just hope the fat stays where it needs to. Tomorrow is my second massage and hoping it'll be a little less painful. By the way Eilyn is amazing, she's the one who gave me my massage and she's lovely. I was also told that my back drain would most likely be coming out tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed because these damn drains suck! I can handle maybe one but two? No thanks. None sounds better tho. I'll keep you guys posted tomorrow!

4 wks post op

So today is exactly 4 wks since my surgery and I couldn't be more depressed. I haven't posted pictures because im beyond unhappy with my results. it looks like nothing was done. my butt only looks "big" when I have my girdle on and I use the word "big" loosely. there is absolutely no arch, projection is gone. I knew something was off when even a few days after surgery I couldn't really see a difference. the only reason it may have appeared big was because of the swelling. according to the dr, he said its too soon for results but during my preop consultation, I had mentioned to him that I had it done before with a different doctor and noticed right away there was no butt and dr salama said well if its done the right away then youll notice it immediately. so its quite a bit of contradiction. my massage lady said most of my swelling is already gone which depresses me even more because there is now no hope of my butt getting bigger. she even asked if I had lipo done on my waist because it doesn't look like it. I still look like spongebob square butt, no shape whatsoever. ive been doing everything right according to my post op instructions. I even invested in a BBL pillow (which is super uncomfortable and expensive for no damn reason) in order to sit everywhere I need to. im eating healthy, still sleeping on my stomach, wearing the girdle and compression 24/7, yet still nothing. I cant believe I spent so much money to be left like this. There is also an incision on my back that still has the stitches and hurts like hell and seems to be infected now. I don't know what to do and I feel hopeless because I have no more money to get a revision. all the pain and money was literally for nothing..... ill post pictures later for sure so you guys wont think im crazy and youll see what I mean. three of my friends got their bodies done with salama and they all have great and immediately visible results. I know all bodies heal and are differently but a bbl done by a professional like salama qwould be visible on anyone, or so I thought... =(

What went wrong ? =[

So as promised here are some pics... It's 4 wks and 3 days... Don't get me wrong guys, I KNOW Dr Salama is a great doctor but from what my results are showing, something must've gone wrong... Apparently there's "1600 ccs" on each cheek. I requested as much as possible.... My massage lady said it looks like he should've sucked more out from my back and waist. Sponge bob squarebody for life =[... I really hope this gets better cause I literally spent all my money that I saved 4 years for and I've been waiting for this surgery for a LONG time.. All I wanted was a waist a big booty. Was that too much to ask for ? There's even some squareness happening with one of my cheeks... Doing everything right so far so idk why this is looking the way it is
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